Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Steller Last 12 Months

I saw a friend of mine over the weekend.  She wanted to buy me a drink, to toast my recent State Title win.  She was super sweet and I really absorbed the kind words, as was going through a tough time lately with the competitive side of pool I recently wrote about.

She has always been complimentary of my game.  And I have always appreciate her support.  I have also really enjoyed following her successes and pool journeys as well!

She told me I had "a stellar year."

I was like, um, it's only April and that's all I've done.

She explained, "I mean the last 12 months.  All of your accomplishments."

I tried to again discount her, "Two of those were women's teams events."

"Yea, but you were still a part of those teams!  And let's not forget you finished the year ranked SECOND on the OB Cues Ladies Tour."

Wow, I did have a great 12 months!!

She told me I am am inspiration to her. (blush)

It really meant a lot to me because I feel like my wins, accomplishments, and titles are not for myself.  She kinda proved it right there for me.  I feel like an I am an ambassador of the game, not just a player of the game.  I like to help people and pool, and feel it's my niche.

A HUGE thank you to Julie for making my day, and reminding me what a great year I had.

Here we are toasting!!

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