Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Statue

I mentioned earlier this month that people have told me they like my demeanor around the table and they appreciate that about my style of play.

I try to show no emotions - especially anger or upsetness. No negative body language or those "disgust" facial expressions we want to make when someone shits in a ball or something.

Well, I did this non-emotion A LOT the other night.


I was a freaking statue!  

I was very proud of myself!

On Saturday night, I got a few hours of practice in on the 9 foot table and then was headed with some friends to a local hangout.  Right as we left the pool room, tho, we heard that "T" (the guy I gambled with back in April) was at another pool hall, so we all went over there to see if he wanted to play me some more.

Long story short, we played again! 

It was funny, because my friend asked him if he wanted to play me and he replies looking at me, "I've only been beat by one girl and I'm going to beat you.  You sure you want to play?" 

Yep, I do!

He didn't know I was the same girl!!  lol.

T was playing better this night, though, and he won the first set for $100.

Then I won the second set hill-hill for $100.



T is the type of player who tries to cheese the 9ball a lot.  He would fire at the 9ball so many times and I would just be standing there solid, holding my cue, not even flinching when he went for them. 

As he fired at all those 9balls, I stood still:  like a statue.  I didn't move at all.  I just waited for my turn.

I didn't act like a child or throw my hands in the air in disgust, or shift my body, nothing.  Not even facial expressions.  You would have thought we were practicing, lol! 

I just let him fire at the 9ball. Most the time he would miss, but that 9ball would travel 3-5 rails and knock other balls in!  I just stood there non-affected, holding my cue, even tho he was getting "lucky." SO proud of myself for not showing emotions or making gestures.

BTW, we played a 3rd set for $300.  I was down 0-2, then up 6-3, then it was tied 6-6.  I was down 7-6, but then won 9-7 for the cash.  :)

Statue baby!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Etiquette Foul

Last night I played in my Double Foul 9-Ball League and I had to play a new player first round.

She doesn't even know how to bridge her cue yet, but could make about every 3rd or 4th ball. 

She also didn't know the rules, so her Captain was helping her during our match (and subsequent matches).  No one minded - we were all newbies once.

Now granted, Double Foul 9ball is different than regular 9ball rules, so I can understand why her captain had to sit next to her and explain some of the rules of calling fouls on yourself and when to drop balls, etc.

However, one thing REALLY impressed me.

At one point, I was shooting the 7ball into the corner, and she was standing at the end of the table.  Not near the table at all, but in my line of site.  However, I didn't notice her (I try not to let things like that get to me), but more so she was far enough away AND not moving around so I was just on my little run, minding my own business.

As I'm stroking for the 7ball, he tells her, "move from out of her shot, that's considered a foul."

She apologized softly, "sorry" as she scooted out of the way.

I was thinking to myself, What?  Really?  NO WAY!

I am new to the league and so do not know ALL the rules yet, but if this really is a rule, man that would be an awesome "official" rule at so many other tourneys where this is an issue!!

New Captain

During the ACS Texas State tourney in mid October, my ladies team was playing our last match of the night on Saturday night against a fellow team from our area, also.

So, we all know each other really well.

And this was a great group of ladies, just like our team.

One of the ladies on the other team, I'll call her, "Hysterical," was very tipsy.  I honestly didn't know she drank!!

She was being very loud but very funny!  Making everyone laugh and just having fun!!

Her and I are about to play and as I'm racking the balls, she comes up to me and whispers with slurred words, "I don't like our new captain very much."

I looked up kinda surprised.  Her captain is like the sweetest woman on earth!

I asked her, "Why? Why don't you like her?"

As she's swaying a little, "Well..."

"Well what?"

"Well, she wants me to slow down on my drinking!"

I start laughing my ass off!

She says, "I just don't like that very much.  I mean, who does she think she is?" in this absolutely hysterical sarcastic slurry voice!

OMG it was classic!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Not just Matching Team Shirts.....

I wrote earlier this year how a friend of mine "decorates" chalk

I have another friend who is doing the same thing - they both love being crafty!

And this other friend showed me what she did for her ladies team at ACS State!

They bought purple and gold team shirts, and she made each teammate a matching purple and gold decorated chalk!!

Yes, us females are kinda goofy.  But thoughtful and clever!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What is Practice?

I have wondered like the rest of you who really practices and who doesn't.

We hear all the time that pros practice hours upon hours upon hours.

Then we might hear in reality, they don't.  They just "say that" for the interviews.

However, I know some pros that really do practice and others I know only say they do, so both are true, lol.  I've heard both my whole life.

I have a good friend who NEVER practices (I know this for a fact) and she is a top player in Texas (lucky beeeatch lol). 

Everyone is different. 

But I found it very interesting when a top gambler in the area told me he never practices.  I told him he was full of it, then he shared his story.

Thought I'd share with you.  :)

He said that he doesn't practice because he gets enough table time in by gambling.  Oh, and playing some tournaments.

I was like, REALLY? (in my sarcastic voice, head a little tilted)

He said he even lived with about 4 other pool players a couple of years ago in a house that had a 9 foot table and he never practiced on the tab;e.  They would ask him to hit balls with him all the time.  He ALWAYS turned them down.


They would finally get fed up with him, and offer to play cheap sets.

Which of course he would.

And he would win.

Every time.

Now, the roommates would win also because the would be sparring and learning from a player better than them!  But he would win their money, lol.

He said they would beg him to play for hours, but he never gave in.... until.... they put money on the line.

THAT was his practice while he lived in a house with a pool table.

Gambling.  Tournaments.  Only.  Never hitting balls alone for hours.

Now, he hits balls a little the morning before tourneys and gambling matches, but he doesn't hit balls for hours upon hours.

However, some other players HAVE to hit balls for hours to warm up.  Another top gambler in the area has to hit balls for hours by himself to feel comfortable about his game and in top form. 

I like it when people do what they need to do to be prepared.  Whatever works for them!

Everyone is different. 

Everyone has their own way of staying in stroke or getting in stroke.

And I like that!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Creating Bad Habits

I have been trying to explain this in other blog entries, but never really got my point across (yea, sometimes it takes me a while, lol).

However, I was talking to someone a few weeks ago at the Omega Billiards Tour stop about this and he described it perfectly, so I wanted to try and explain this one more time, lol, since I think this new explanation will help.

I have shared that I really don't like to just hit balls around socially with just anyone.  It brings my game down and hurts my fundamentals.

I also do not like to play pool when I've had too much to drink, because my fundamentals go out the window.  I've worked so hard on my fundamentals all these years, why would I ever consider playing pool while drinking too much or for fun if it will CREATE BAD HABITS?

If I am TRYING to practice with friends, then I will be fine, but otherwise, I do not play pool socially - I always have a goal or plan when I play. 

I honestly only try to play pool to better my game.

This means, I do not play unless I'm practicing and I don't like to just hit balls. 

Again, playing pool while drinking or just being social CREATES BAD HABITS! 

If you are okay with that, then it's super okay to have fun and play pool socially and/or drink!

My point it is for me, sure it's ok to socialize and have fun, but I take my game very serious and the last thing I want to do is create bad habits and weaken my fundamentals.

Randomly hitting balls around is not improving my game.  I have to be focused; sober, in the right frame of mind.  Otherwise, playing while drinking creates bad habits that I have tried to break all these years.  Staying down, follow through, looking at the object last, etc.   I can NOT do those things if I've had too much to drink!

Have I done this?  Sure.  Was I happy about it?  No not really.  But, I then get right back on the practice table and practice my pre-shot routine and fundamentals.  I don't want anything funny going on in tournaments or leagues!

I recommend to all my friends that want to improve your game, be careful how and when you play pool - don't create bad habits.  You want to at all times WORK on solidifying your fundamentals.

I'm not saying not to have fun, I'm just saying to keep this in the back of your mind.


Friday, October 25, 2013


Gotta love the OB Cues Ladies Tour!

They give away $5 scratch offs for Break and Runs, and $2 scratch offs for 9 on the snap!

So, I won this baby on Sunday at the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop in Austin in August.  No winner, but I FELT like a winner after I ran out and then got to choose this scratch-off ticket!

But check THESE out!  One of my bestie's Amanda Lampert won ALL of these in one weekend - the OB Cues Ladies stop at Jamaica Joe's in September!  Her and I LOVE Diamond Bar Table tourneys :)

Unfortunately, I think she had only one winning ticket for about $10, but not bad for a freebie!  And pretty freaking impressive she ran out this many times!

The other thing the OB Cues Ladies Tour does is give away prizes during the Players Meeting!  There is a little "Angel" who travels with the tour and buys gift cards, snacks, and treats for the players.  Boxes of Godiva, bowls of fruit, or cans of nuts are at our disposal.

This Angel used to buy Starbucks gift cards, but after the gas prices went up a few years, he instead started to buy Shell gas gift cards - at $50 a pop!  And he buys 4-6 for every stop!

Check me out at Jamaica Joe's:  I won a a $50 gift card in the free raffle!  It was was an AWESOME treat to get $50 in free gas the following Thursday!

A HUGE Thank You to the OB Cues Ladies Tour AND their Angel.  :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I don't know if others are like this, but thought I'd share my thoughts on travel mates and dibs.

When I travel to tournaments with others, whoever is doing best in the tournament at the end of the first day gets dips for Saturday night decisions.

I normally am very choosey where I go eat, but if they are still in the tourney and I am not, then they get dibs on where to eat.

They also get dibs on if we stay out late or not, or go somewhere other than straight to the hotel room.  They get dibs on if the tv can be left on or not, who gets what bed, who gets to sleep alone (if there are 3 people in the room for example).  You may think these are little things, but imo they are BIG things that can help them do well in the tourney the next day.

I think it's very important to get a good nights rest and have a GREAT night, esp the night before the final day of a tournament.  I want my roommie to have the best chance at doing well, so I want to make sure she has a good night so she feels great for the next day.

I have been with travel mates who are not doing as well as I am going into Sunday and there is nothing worse than being upset the night before the Sunday matches.  They may want to stay out late, or go to another bar, or whatever.

The point is, I want a nice, peaceful, restful night before my Sunday matches.  I don't want roommates coming in late, waking me up, OR keeping me out late if I am dependent on riding with them (for example).  I need sleep and I need to be in a good frame of mind.  If I am upset the night before at my travel mates, that's not a very good mindset to play good pool for the next day.  Makes for unnecessary distraction.  When... I should be focusing on pool.

I have been in this situation a lot in the past, so I am very cognizant of ensuring my travel mates get dibs if they are doing better than I!

If I happen to be doing better, then I will speak up and say nicely I need to get rest or need to get to the room sooner than everyone else.  In these situations, we MUST think of ourselves.  We are there to compete.  We must be prepared.

So, think of your travel mates, too!  Help them be in the best frame of mind to compete.  Be their little corner man!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Watch, Learn, Practice

I mentioned that I am a great observer of other peoples game.  Not only do I see things people can work on (if the opportunity arises for me to help them), but I also WATCH and LEARN for myself very well.

I have watched an entire Omega Tourney and if certain players play a lot of matches, my game will improve at least half a ball just by watching great fundamentals, staying down, and shot selections.

I'm not one to just WATCH, tho.  I also like to learn and practice with higher caliber players, too, like most players who crave improving like to do.

I am extremely lucky in that I learn quickly.  And I can learn a lot just by watching, and paying attention.

I practiced with one of the top players in the area 2-3 hours on the Saturday before the ACS Texas State 8Ball Tournament last weekend.

He had never even seen me play pool so had no idea what he was in for.

I think he was surprised how well I played, but he was also worried about telling me things in case it threw off my game while we practiced.  I told him I would rather talk about choices than run out, lol.

I asked a lot of questions - mostly: which way I should go for certain shape and why.  Or asked if I did something right or could it be done better?

This player is much more aggressive than I am (we were playing 8ball) and I was shocked how often he got out with his aggressive play.  Don't get me wrong, he got out every time, but if he got out of line, he recovered well by taking risks and shooting the correct shot - not just always ducking.  Ducking when needed, but breaking out balls where maybe I would play safe.

Many people know my game (I found out at the State tourney) because more than 3 people at the tournament said I was playing a little different.

Hmmm. I am?

Wait, you noticed that?

"Yea, you are playing different - kinda more aggressive.  But still real good of course."

I do tend to learn very fast and absorb things well, but I guess just those 2-3 hours really stuck with me.

I noticed I played REALLY well at the State tourney.  I was breaking out more clusters than usual (sometimes I'm too timid) and I was going for shots with A LOT more confidence.  I am already confident, but was more confident after seeing this top player play so well for 2-3 hours straight.

It definitely helped me game!

We are suppose to practice 9ball this weekend so I can get some good practice in before my next big tourney of the year.  #crossingfingers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Observing Others

I mentioned about a year ago how I noticed a friend of mine had GREAT fundamentals, yet at certain times in a match, she would "whack at a ball."

I had a little practice session with her (one game) and pointed out she hits tough shots too hard, while she has a smooth stroke for all other shots.  And this little tipped improved her game immensely!

I don't seek out other peoples' games or what could help them, but I am a very observant person, in general.  So, because I have been playing pool for over 20 years and because I have learned a lot over the years, I see things in other peoples' games that maybe others don't recognize.

Like I said, I don't seek this out intentionally, I just see things.

Last year a good friend of mine and I were practicing and I got SOOOO frustrated with his game!  He played good, but wasn't even thinking about 3-ball shape (where you think three balls ahead to get on the correct side of the ball, for the next ball).

I was irritated so much, it affected my own game!

I finally threw my hands in the air with frustration and said something to him, because I couldn't stand it anymore.  Even though he might get mad at me, I just couldn't help it any more.

I explained how his game will increase ten-fold if he did this.  Walk around the table, see where you need to be, look 3 balls ahead.

Immediately his game improved.  (not ten-fold, but noticeably)

I just see things, because I have struggled with the game my whole life as well, and because others have helped me with mine.  I took a few lessons, absorbed tips from pros, read books, watch videos, watched SO many great matches in person, but mostly LISTENED to others when they would share tidbits or pointers.

I find it intriguing people want to practice with me; and learn from me.  I didn't realize how many people truly watch me play, like the way I play, and learn from my choices and decisions, and fundamentals.  So, lately a lot of people have said they want to practice with me.  They want little tips; some help.

I practiced with a friend of mine about 6 weeks ago and of course showing her a few things always  helps my game as well (bonus!!).  We talked about slowing down, 3-ball shape, taking your time, etc.  All of these are great reminders for myself (and I actually needed these reminders because I hadn't been playing all too well at that time).

Some people, I wont have any advice for - I usually can only help if someone already has some natural talent or ability.  If they are too rigid or aren't even a shot maker, I wont know how to even begin to help them, lol.

What I am best at (I have found out) is kinda perfecting certain aspects of others' games.  Do they have a little hiccup at the end of their stroke?  Do they whack at certain balls?  Do they shoot too fast?  Not walk around the table?  Go for breakouts too late?  Don't play safe when necessary?  Don't think 3 balls ahead?  Hit too hard, instead of a smoooth stroke on tough shots?

Things like that.

I LOVE helping people, but again, it feels weird people want to practice with me to improve their game.  But flattering nonetheless!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Way You Carry Yourself

People have told me I am like this - I carry myself well around the table AND after a match whether I win or lose.  This is a huge compliment imo!

"Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and you really can't tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way." - Jim Courier

Takes a lot not to show emotion verbally or in body language, and to be gracious at all times (even when inside you might be really upset at a loss, your play, or how your opponent acts).

But, so many people have told me they love the way I carry myself, it makes me want to even MORE be that person!

Some friends and acquaintances have even told me it helps THEM try to be better at not showing too much negative emotion or upset body language.  It's weird to think my demeanor is helping others, but it's pretty cool to hear that!

I still have my little hiccups, but overall, I think it's important to try to be gracious and a good sport at all times, no matter the circumstances during and after a match.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I was watching one of the late round matches on Sunday at the Omega Billiards Tour here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area two weekends ago.  It was a close match, and for 5th place at least.  Both players were very strong players and it was a treat to witness.

At one point, one if the players makes a fantastic out!  He then moves his coin and the score is now 5-5.  He had been down 5-3 before making this little comeback to tie it up. 

It was a crucial win.

He then racked and I noticed that his hands were shaking a little.

I turned to a friend sitting next to me and whispered, "he's shaking.  I guess he's nervous."

His retorted, "I don't think he's nervous, I think he's excited."

WOW - what a perspective!  I honestly hadn't thought of it that way!

It makes total sense, too, because they are top players and *shouldn't* be nervous, really.  I mean, I know everyone has some nerves, but you know what I mean.

And it makes sense it would be more adrenaline and/or excitement.

I love different perspectives like this!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Teammate

On one of my Monday night leagues, they increased the # of players playing from 5 to 6 each Monday. 

On Sunday afternoons, there are several leagues with 6 players at a time but on a Monday night, it makes for a much longer night than when we use to only players 5 players.  For us day workers, that can be tough.

Anyway, on this TEAM, the Sofa Kings, we have a team rule that if you break and run, each player gives you 50 cents.  If you rack and run, each player gives you 25 cents.  If you get a perfect score, you get a dollar from every teammate.

We had 9 players on the roster, but you can have up to 10.  5 teammates play all the time, one isn't going to play that much right now, I have another league I play on on Mondays, another teammate hasn't been dependable lately, and another teammate has more family things to do on Mondays.  So, since we need 6 players each Monday and we can have 10 players on the roster, I suggested to my Captain that we really need another player to play with us.

However, almost every good player (sorry, I only want a good player on the team, lol) is already taken on Mondays.  In other words, all the good players are already on this league on Mondays.

But I told my captain I would think about it and see if I come up with someone, while he thought of someone, also.

I remembered shortly after that convo that someone had just placed real high in the Omega Tour the previous weekend and he just moved from out of state a few months ago.  He loves pool and plays as much as he can, AND he plays real sporty.

Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

He said yes!  After answering a few questions, sharing we are one of the top teams, undefeated team at ACS State (men's division), he strongly considered it and then said yes!

So, no one on my team knows this guy nor have met him.  One player heard how well he did in the Omega and said, "Sounds like he plays good.  He'd be a good fit."

I show up his first night, this past Monday, because I am the only person he knows, even though I've only met him once myself.  But I didn't want him to walk in without knowing ANYONE.

I introduced him to everyone and then he practiced a little bit, along with everyone else.

I forgot to tell him about getting paid from other teammates for perfect runs.

He breaks and runs the very first game of the match!  Then he gets 50 cents from each teammate.  He was like, "I like this."

Then he racks and runs!

There goes 25 cents from each of us into his hand, lol.

Luckily he lost one game, or else he would have made $5 more dollars that night for a perfect score.  Yep, his first night he goes 5-1, and no one else on the team did that night,  But, we won the match squarely.  :)

Everyone was very nice and we all got along just fine.  And he plays good! 

He's gonna be a good fit.   :)

Do I know how to pick em or what?

(eh, I just got lucky).

Welcome to the team N.C.!!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

14 Day Pool Experiment - Update 1

As I mentioned back in August, my friend and Omega Billiards Tour player, David Franklin, is going to be part of the 14 Day Pool Experiment reality show.

I recently found out that he AND his wife will be doing this pool training, at the end of the month into November. 

Fellow blogger Jason of "8 Ball on the Silver Screen" contacted me about the 14 Day Experiment.  His blog is about his quest to watch, discuss, share, promote every billiards movie, TV show, film short, and web series that has been ever made or is in production, so he was very interested in this new endeavor.

He recently interviewed Tor Lowry, creator of the "14 Days" show and wrote about it.  Please check out what he learned about this reality show!

I'm sure Jason or I will be blogging after David goes thru the program to provide another update.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Don't Have $1,000

At a tournament I attended recently, one of the players from Out of Town (OoT) was playing a Local Player (LP) in the tournament.

A few words were expelled from OoT because he was upset about the way the match was going.

You know the typical:
  • You got lucky
  • Nice roll
  • You got action
The Local Player was miffed at the connotation he only won because of luck.

After hearing right after the match more mumblings and, "you got action," from the OoT, LP finally snipped back, "Action?  You don't even have a thousand dollars in your pocket!"

OoT was shocked.  "What?  You don't know me at all!  We can bet $1,000 or $10,000, we don't care!"

After they put up their cues, LP started to head out the door, not wanting to deal with the OoT and the semi-confrontation anymore.

OoT went up to his friend (Oot2) and told him the story. 

Then OoT2 went up to LP.

"You really don't think we have $1,000?"

"No I don't," stood firm LP.

OoT2 pulled out $1,000 from his front pocket and showed him his roll.

LP replies, "well he said he could play for $10,000."

OoT2 then pulls out $10,000 from his back pocket.

LP walked out of the pool room.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Breaking Tips

I can't wait to play 8ball on bar table!

I don't think I will get to do that until Thursday at my league, but I can't wait!

I got a few tips yesterday from a top player of small adjustments I can make to stop scratching. 

I'm excited to try it!

I feel I am one of the top 8ball female players in the area, but scratching on the breaks are killing me - I should have many more break and runs for my stats.