Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I want to play one-pocket more again. I miss getting lessons. :( I miss playing the creative game.

I do try to watch the good players play one-pocket at least once a month. I try to get to the pool room on Saturday afternoons for about an hour (if I am in town or if I am not busy) and watch the one-pocket magic shots fill my mind with knowledge.

Failed Acting

I felt pretty proud writing my blog entry about Acting. Long story short, to recap:
I play in some tournaments I also run. Right after I finish a match, I must immediately go to the tournament chart, report my score, and then take over running the chart and get into Tournament Director mode - start answering questions with a smile, attend to players needs, announce matches, work on the payouts, watch the table area, ref shots, etc. The biggest challenge is to act and smile when the players come up to the chart, even though you may have lost a hill-hill heart breaker that could have meant either a Sunday winner's side match or you are now out of the tournament.

Tournament Directors have all the emotions everyone else has after a tough loss. We carry the feelings in our stomach and they fill our hearts and minds. However, we sometimes don't have time to compose ourselves and be alone for a while to regroup. We have to immediately get to work. And part of doing a good job is pretending like we just didn't lose. Act like we are okay.
I wrote the entry not only explaining this interesting tid bit of being a tournament director, but also because I felt I was successful.

Well, turns out I haven't been doing a god job. I don't have a natural smile anyway, so it's even more difficult for me to Act and Pretend. I feel bad I have upset a player or two by not pretending hard enough or being successful enough.

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Cue to Current Cues

Do you remember you first cue? If you're like me, you wish now you could find a pic of it to share.

My first cue was a Huebler. I remember it had some yellow in it, but that's about it. I really enjoyed it and used it throughout my college years. My next cue was a very beautiful McDermott with lots of soft, feminine colors. I loved it, also. As with the Huebler, I don't remember what eventually happened to the cue.

My next cue was a custom-made/designed Jim Buss ('96). I used that for numerous years and it had such beautiful maple in it that many thought it was a SouthWest (quite a compliment!). Jim then made me a "sister" cue to it - a jump/break cue with the same colors, rings and wrap. Because I never did learn how to jump, I eventually sold it. I now use my first Jim Buss as my break cue. It's a very solid cue!

Then I went to a custom-designed Jacoby ('03). Then a year later, another custom designed Jacoby ('04). I used the second Jacoby for several years and I loved it.

Then Jim Buss made me my dream cue ('09). So, I now shoot with my wrapless custom-designed Buss. I know it wont be my last cue. ;)

(to read about the details of the last 4 cues, including a third designed Jim Buss, click here)

I highly recommend both Jim Buss and Jacoby for your custom cues. They are both wonderful to work with and make amazing cues that not only look beautiful but also play fantastic. They are also both very helpful in helping with your custom design.

Here are pics of my two Buss's and Jacoby's. Left to right: First Jim Buss, First Jacoby, Second Jacoby, Second Jim Buss: