Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Advice from Babe Ruth (video clip)

These "Minute with Maxwell" short leadership videos by John Maxwell are shared with folks in my office, as someone comes across some gems from the daily emails. 

This one is perfect for our pool game:

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Fundamentally Stable - Katniss

Katniss from the Project Hunger Games of my blog shared some insight with us:

As more pool matches are happening again, I can’t help but notice how some of players are so fundamentally stable! It’s like the pandemic never happened, like the pool halls and bars never closed, like they never stopped playing. I even hear some of them exclaim, "I haven’t hit a ball since March." But, yet their skills on the table are showing me otherwise! I’m over here just drooling in amazement.

Then, there is the opposite. You check out another match and just cringe because you can see a player struggling. It’s painful to watch! They are frustrated and their play is going from bad to worse right before my eyes. Ouch!

What separates the two players? More or less experience? Natural vs unnatural talent? Good fundamentals versus needing more fine-tuning? Hunger or no hunger?

How will my play measure up? 

Well, whatever decides to show up on my first match... just know I have the HUNGER!