Friday, January 31, 2014

Superman and Superwoman

I played in my league the other Sunday and I was on such a natural high!

I felt good about myself AND was playing great pool, and it just felt, well... euphoric!

I walked around the table confident, playing well, feeling well - it felt wonderful!

I have heard guys say they feel like superman when they are playing really well, so maybe that's what I kinda felt this day? 

You know, when you are playing well, playing smart, feel great about yourself and your game, 100% confident, feel like you can't miss sorta-feeling.

Coupled that with maybe losing weight or feeling great in your clothes, leads to a fantastic sexy / superman feeling!

It's almost like playing in the zone, but it's really a very different feeling.  It's more about feeling good about yourself at the same time that you are playing really great pool.

While I did miss shots, I still played really smart, felt like everyone was watching my shot selections and choices, played good safes, and felt good in my own skin (been a while).  I was really feeling great about my game.  One guy even told me, "You ruined my 6-0."  SAWEET!  :)  I'll take that as a compliment!

I don't feel like superwoman all the time, sometimes I feel like the Hulk or Thing.  But when superwoman does show up I embrace her because it's few and far between lol!

If you have ever felt this way - lucky you!!  You loved it too, right?!

Now, back to my regular human self!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Break Cue Weight

It's always fascinated me when someone thinks that their break cue should be super heavy.  A break cue doesn't have to be heavy to be effective.

When I gambled with a guy a few months ago, he was bragging to my boyfriend and I, "Check out my new break cue.  It weighs 22 ounces," he exclaimed proudly.

"Cool," I replied as I held it in my hands, pretending like I cared (sorry).

As a matter of fact, using a heavy break cue doesn't ensure you will break better.  AT ALL.

One of my best friends in the 90's, June Hager Walter, SWORE by lighter cues.  And her break cue was about 16 ounces.  And she broke like a beast!

While that's not a technically scientific test, I just keep thinking about how her break got better as her cue got lighter.

Note:  No animals were harmed in this experiment.  /

Maybe it's the breaker, and not the weight of the cue?

That's prolly what it really is.  Not the weight of the break cue itself.

But if you think about it, if I throw a heavy rock and a lighter-weight rock, the lighter rock will travel farther.  But of course the heavier rock does more damage when it lands!

An armored truck will damage more than a Volkswagen bug when they crash.  But everyone knows a lighter car goes faster before a heavier car.  Why?  The power to weight ratio is key. Equal power, the lighter car will go faster because the power has less weight to move.

Still, this can be argued all day long.

But after my gambling friend used his new heavy cue, he didn't make more balls, and had even LESS control of the cueball.

The guy needs to practice his break...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When You Can't Play...

If you can't get to a pool table, you can still work on your game.

Read books, watch videos, read items online, practice your stroke in a mirror (seriously!), etc.

This was my view on Monday night at a local restaurant (SaltGrass - LOVE their salads!)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Different Personalities and Pasts

In relationships, whether with friends, coworkers, or significant others, it's normal for their pasts to "come up" some how in the present.

It's normal.

Not everyone can "forget" how they were as children, how they were treated, how they were raised, etc.

What I have finally realized, and I wish others would to, is that this also occurs in sports.


Sometimes, some players are very abrasive at the pool table. 

Some players come across as rude.

Some players are kinda mean.

Some players are super shy.

Some players get overly defensive with their words.

But once you get to know these players, you find out they are really, really great people!  They just have certain personalities that competition brings out in them.

One of my friends had a tough childhood and had to take care of herself and her siblings growing up.  So, this makes her a little bit more tougher around the edges.  It comes out when she competes, but when you get to her know her on a personal level, she is extremely caring and a very good friend.  Loving actually.

But people that don't know her, see her as abrasive and rude, as she walks around the table.  They take her comments as inappropriate.  But because I know her, I know she doesn't mean anything by the comments, she's really just "protecting" herself with her words as she competes.

(Like she had to do when she was growing up without parents.)

Some guys are very intimidating and make rude comments.  I bet those guys had a tough childhood, had to defend themselves, and this is now how they react to "confrontation" when competing.

Some players are very passive and shy, and that may seem like weakness, but maybe they were raised in a household where you don't ever raise your voice or show emotion?

I know a few players that are VERY intimidating.  It dawned on me the other day that in reality, they are BULLIES!  Really, they are!  But, if I realize that, maybe I will also realize they are bullies for a reason.  Maybe they've been this way their whole life?  Maybe they were like this in school?  I'm not saying it's right, but it will help me understand them better.  And maybe not be so afraid of them, lol.

I'm not being clear I don't think, but my main point is I think it's unfortunate we judge people based on how they act when they compete.  Or how they react when they lose (or win).  Just like leadership can be taught, losing and winning graciously takes time to learn (if you want to be gracious).

Some players don't care about politeness or gracious - maybe because they had a tough childhood?

The point is - everyone has a story.  Everyone competes in their own way.  Everyone has their own personality.  Everyone shows anger or happiness different.

So, no judgements.  Just acceptance and understanding!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Then You Don't Know Eight Ball....

I overheard the other day that a player said, "I'm too good at 8-ball now to play safe."



Do people not realize that safeties are an integral part of the game of 8-ball?

I'm still in shock at the words I heard.


If someone truly believes that, then they don't know 8-ball..... AT ALL.

These people really need to read Phil Capelle's Play Your Best Pool section on 8-ball.  ASAP! 

Btw, this persons' stats in league are the lowest it's been in years.  They used play good safes!  Sad they stopped and now think they shouldn't any more.  SMH...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Team, Hurt Feelings

One might think it's pretty freaking awesome to put together a new team.  The players on the team are elated and stoked!  It's awesome, really!

But, what I have witnessed lately is nothing but heartbreak.

I have seen the players who didn't get asked to be on a new team feeling left out, hurt, offended even. 

It's really a sad thing to see.

It's also a sad thing to hear later.  Why didn't you pick me?  Do you not think I play good enough?  Why wouldn't you ask me to join the team? 

I have witnessed this recently more than once and it broke my heart. 

It's so weird because the people asked to be on the new team(s) are all excited, pleasantly surprised, and elated!  But the ones who didn't get asked, look and feel physically hurt.  You can see it in their eyes and on their faces.

Breaks me heart, really. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dream Come True - Omega Billiards Tour

Overwhelmed at the moment... 

The outpouring of support for the Omega Billiards Tour is so amazing! 

I am so ecstatic! 

We opened the field to 80 players this year and the 1st stop was full in a month, the 2nd stop was full three weeks ago (with a 25-person waiting list!), and the 3rd stop at the END of April only has 3 spots left out of 80!!! 

We are talking about PAID SPOTS!! 

This is a dream come true for me to have our own Tour in the DFW-Area... and the players and sponsors and support has been amazing! 

I get calls every day from players I don't even know interested in the tour, emails with paypal entry fees throughout EACH day... 

It's so awesome and makes me so happy to hear the kind words and see the interest. 

Pool has been my passion for over 20 years and to be able to help keep pool alive through everyone gives me a purpose in life and I truly appreciate it!!!

I have heard so many nice things, like:

"I was going to give up playing, but the tour came along and I decided not to put my stick up yet after all."
"I have a local tour to play in against better players finally!"
"I have a chance to become a Tour Champion in my own backyard."
"I get to watch good pool locally for once... and all year long!"
"My recent health issues kept me from the game, but now I get to play and there is a local great tour to play in.  Otherwise, I couldn't travel out of town to play."

The Omega Tour has always been 100% Payback in the Player's Auction!  Most tournaments take 10% out, but we do NOT take anything out!  100% payback!

The Omega Tour has increased the added money from $1,000 to $,1500!

The field has increased from 64 to 80 players!  (and we are full with a standby list - for the first half of the year!)

And the Season Finale will be at LEAST $3,000-added!!

Dream come true........... Billiards Tour FOR the players and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!!

Pool is alive and well in Texas!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Not Just Pool League

I used to only play league to qualify for State and National tourneys for ACS and BCAPL.

I have found out something in the last couple of years....

Now I like to play because because I get to see my friends! 

I have joined a few teams for personal gain, I admit.  But now I have gained more than pool titles, I have gained long-lasting, helpful, amazing, sincere friendships!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do What You Have To Do

I wrote recently how my Monday team had won our league playoffs.  I alluded to the fact that we were down both sets, and then came back strong the second set in the finals to win.

What I didn't share until now is what our table looked like on our side of the bar!

One of my teammates recognized the other team was getting a lot of rolls the first set.  So, she started to turn things upside down on the table.  Yep, as a way to "turn things around."

Laugh all you want!  It made for a great pic, a great scene, and a lot of laughs!

We started to turn everything upside down.

Bottles, purses, cans, coin holders, you name it, we went along with her and did it, too!

The waitress came by at one point and said, "um, are those bottles suppose to be like that?"

My teammate quipped, "yep!"

"Okay, then I wont touch them or try to remove them right now," as she slowly walked away confused but obliging, lol.

Well, superstition or not, we won the second set beautifully, winning 8 matches in a row for the title!

Here is a pic of our table, and another where I point out what is what turned upside down, lol

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surprise Team Name

I mentioned before that I switched from a Monday team to a Sunday team, within the same League, so I could still qualify for ACS and BCAPL Nationals in Vegas.

As I mentioned before, I asked this particular team if I could join them because I knew they had fun guys on it, all the while they played strong, too.  Sorry, I just can't be playing on a weak team, lmao.

(I'm serious!, lol)

As a reminder how fun these guys are, I called one of them and left a voicemail about perhaps joining their team, if they had room.  He calls me back and says, "Well, we would love to have you on our team, but we have already met our white person quota."


Did I pick the right team or what??  They are hysterical!

The have welcomed me with open arms and I am really enjoying the fun Sunday afternoons with them.

I noticed our stats came in via email and for the first time, I decided to look up what our team name meant in Spanish.  Our team name is "Los Barrachos."

So, today I googled the translation and started to LMFAO!

"los borrachos" from Spanish:

"The Drunks."



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another League Playoffs Win!

As I got ready to head to the finals of my league playoffs, it crossed my mind that the last league playoffs I have played in, my team won!

And I'm not talking about the SAME leagues, either.  Three separate leagues I have been on in the last year, each team I was on WON the league playoffs!

Do they know how to pick players or what?  ;)

Just kidding!

So, I had a big head going into the finals.  I figured we were just going to easily win, lol.

This is my Double Foul 9-ball league on Mondays.  The league where out of the 5 players in the line up, two (2) of the five (5) HAVE to be females.

Lucky me, huh?!  :)

We went undefeated on Saturday, winning all of our matches, that led to this 7pm Finals match on a Monday night.

The other team played really well the first set, and we did not.  They defeated us 6-13.  Ouch!

We never let up, though, and were ready for the second set.

A few misses here and there led to us being tied 5-5.  That was GREAT, since we were down until that point.

Then the unimaginable happened... we won EIGHT in a row to win 13-5!!!

We played good, they faltered a tad and the rolls shifted our way this match.  But good play and heart led us to the win!!!

This is my first time on the team and boy am I glad my friend Tami asked me one night to sub for her and I said yes.  I really like this league!

And now, league champs!


 2nd place team, Charlie Browns

First Place Team, Red's #3

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking Pics of Finalists

As many of you know, I run the Omega Billiards Tour in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

One thing I learned the hard way when I ran the OB Cues Ladies Tour for ten years was, taking pics of the finalists can be tricky business!

If you want the final two players of that stop in a pic, that is really pretty easy.  While one player will be upset they didn't win, the still will be okay temperament-wise to be in the phot because they will be all over the internet and in magazines still because they were in the finals!

Well....if the Tournament Director sends in that pic to the media (that's another story).... or even takes a photo of the finalists (that's another story, too).

Anyways.......back on topic:

I have always been of the opion that 3rd place should also be in the photo!  Le'ts face it, third (3rd) place is feat in itself, too!  Not just 1st and 2nd places!

However, two crazy things have happened too many times and so I have changed my photo-taking routine:

  1. After the finals, the 3rd place person has already bolted.  Or, 
  2. Sometimes they are still so pissed about losing, they don't want to really be in the photo because they are upset with themselves they didn't make it to the finals.  This can lead to a very unhappy face in the pic.


I found a solution. :)

I take a pic of the final three players BEFORE the semi-final match is played!  This way, they are all happy and smiling because they are all still in the tournament!   

Many times in the past, even if the 3rd place finisher is still there after the finals, they turn down being in the photo because they are upset, so doing it BEFORE the semi-finals solves all these problems.  :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gamble Update

I wanted to gamble a few weeks ago and called a couple of people who have gamble with me in the recently, but they weren't around.  I went to one of my local hangouts and I saw a guy (Ken) playing a friend.  My friend beat him and I was bold and wanted to play him too.

I had never seen him play before, but figured he couldn't be THAT good.

So I missed about the 4 ball the first game, thinking I'd get another shot, but he ran out!  Ooops.

He got up 0-3 in a race to 5 for $20.  I was rattled at first, but decided to just focus on playing pool (like I'm suppose to do lol) and won 5-3!

He then wanted to play two more sets, each for $50.

I go to the bathroom and I get a weird feeling, like he's trying to hustle me.  I told myself to follow those instincts and told my b/f I didn't want to play after all.

My b/f played him various ways and beat him a few sets (cheap) and I would find out later he was mouthing off about me quitting, but I never heard it.

I finally gave in and played again, because I saw he wasn't a hustler after all (lol).

I was down 0-3 again but came back and won 5-3 AGAIN.

Then the bet was raised, and we raced to 8.  No one would tell me how much we were playing for, lol, so I had no idea.  I was down at first, but then rallied again and was ahead 5-3. 

I jumped ahead 7-6, but then overdrew the 8 ball, or else I would have won the set!  UGH.  Instead it went hill and he wanted to play "win by 2."

He made the 9 on the break, then a carom.  Then I won a game, but he won the next.  I lost the set!  :(

I would finally find out later we had $140 and someone else had $100.  We tried to play him more, but he left in a hurry.

I saw him a week later.  I asked to play again and he snips, "No."

"Okay" and I walk away.

This day I'm much more focused, so he should be glad he said no.  lol.

But then he walks up to me, "I've been practicing for 4 hours and need to leave soon, but I'll play 3 sets race to 5 for $20, no matter what."

I'm thinking, "Cool, I haven't played pool since I played you last."  But, I'm not about to say that to him because that will hurt him after I BEAT him.

I get my cue from the car and we start to play.  He tells my b/f that he likes to play me because he learns from me.  Nice compliment.  He said I take my time and he wants to start doing that because he shoots too fast.

I won 5-3, 5-3, and 5-2.  By the middle of the second set he was throwing the rack under the table.  He wasn't very happy.

I was.  Always nice to play well!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Captain Woes

I pride myself on being a good captain.  I mostly want to provide a positive atmosphere for my teammates, and I try to make the best decisions possible.

However, I have written that my soft heart has been in the way of making the BEST decisions (usually when to pull someone).

But although I normally write about all good things, let's be real - every day is not a good pool day.  And I have to honest and share those times as well, as much as it pains me to state this.  But this is my journey with pool, and this is part of my journey

After our HUGE win in July when our team WON the BCAPL Women's Open Event, we were all ecstatic and very pleased with having the privileged to say, "We are National Champs!"

However, after the tournament, weeks after, I somehow mentioned one night to one of the teammates that we all played badly.

I meant what I said, but I didn't realize how I worded that, nor the ramifications of what I said.

Why would I say that you ask?  I don't even remember the context, but I heard many months later from a friend that what I said hurt that teammate.

And she's right.

And I was wrong.

We won a National title!!!  I should never have said that.  And I obviously didn't get to explain what I meant, which hurts them even more I'm sure because they don't understand what I meant (and I was wrong for stating it that way).

I pride myself of providing a positive atmosphere for my teammates, whether captain or not.  And I have actually almost quit teams because of the negativity.

So, my words hurt my teammate, and.... it hurt me, also.  :(

I'm disappointed in myself for saying that - I didn't think before I spoke.  And that's not like me.

I meant that we didn't play like we can play; that we all struggled a little.  But we still played great to win and that's what was important!  Further, if we played bad and still won, it shows just how good we really are!

I apologize for my poor choice of words several months ago.  I should never have said that, and instead focused on the fact we won a freaking National title!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Gambling Woes

I usually write about my wins, after the few times I have gambled.  Well, I have to be honest and say that while I do normally win, I didn't win a couple of months ago.  And it stung!

There is a local female player that I have tried to gamble with before and while she is eager, her boyfriend (now husband, maybe?) always said no.

Well, I go to a local bar to see how this tournament is doing and she is there.  It's late, like 11pm, and while my boyfriend and I are chatting with others, all of a sudden he tells me to get up and play.  I'm like, What?  They said yes?

I have to borrow a cue from someone and I lose the flip and have to ask her, "What are we playing and for how much?"  lol, I had NO IDEA what was agreed to!

But, long story short I didn't play well at all.  :(

So, I lost the race to 5 eight-ball for $50.

We ask to play another set and all of a sudden we are told that the place closes at midnight!  And they promptly left!  They didn't even give me another chance to win my money back (or lose another $50, lmao).

Dang it!  They finally agree and I LOST!  omg lol.

And will she ever play me again?  Or was that it?  Now that they said yes and now that I got beat?  I guess only time will tell, if and when we run into each other again and the opportunity arises.  If so, I hope I play better!