Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bogies tournament, April 2007

I went into this tournament not knowing how I would play. I have had a lot on my mind lately (my Mom and Dad) and not enough time to practice diligently like I had been every Monday since August. I did practice 8 ball with Tony on the Thursday night before - if that was any thermometer, I was in big trouble! Even tho I had one break and run, I wasn't playing all that well.

I asked Monica to stay with me - we had Hunter Classics Tour things to talk about and I didn't think I needed to be alone this weekend anyway so it was perfect.

We left for the pool room early on Saturday morning and I was able to hit some balls. I hit them okay! Wow.

After the player's meeting and getting the tournament started, I had to play my friend Susan Petty first. Susan's sister was there and their Dad would show up later - it was so beautiful to see them together. Susan's Mom just recently passed away and I was glad Susan came to the tournament so she could try and escape, yet also see her family (her Dad lives in Houston and she is from the Dallas area). I played good, so did she. I got a groove though and really played well and saw the racks from a big-picture type of view for some reason. I almost saw the table as 8 ball - could it be run? duck instead of trying for low percentage shots, etc. I won 7-4.

I felt really good about my play and a little shocked! I then played my friend Tara and I had a lot of weird things happen - fouled a lot and scratched a lot. I didn't realize I wasn't mentally strong during the match until much later, but I bet that's why I lost, also.

Then I played Monica Anderson and won 7-3. I thought I played good. Then defeated Michelle Yim 7-4. I then played Rebecca Redumis and it was a rough match. I got so many rolls - every time I missed, I would accidentally hook her. It was so brutal! I told her sorry a million times; she was a good sport about it. She has been playing well, so I was sad the rolls kept me from seeing that. Then some time went by and eventually had to play my next match - against my good friend Shayla. WOW! I played terrible! My mental game was definitely out to lunch! I was thinking WAY too much and it sure hurt. I wanted to last until Sunday to make up for points lost by not going to Tulsa, but it was not meant to be.

I realized after the match though, that I have a strong mental game! I am very proud to say that! Although it wasn't there in that match because of all that I am going through... it donned on me that otherwise, I have a very advanced mental game and am very happy to have figure it out. I guess before, it just never crossed my mind if my mental game was good or not. But, now I know I do. I don't know when it will come back, but what I also figured out is that since I have so much going on with my parents, my brain is so full and mentally taxed, that I am having a difficult time using parts of my brain.

I thought I would be okay at the tournament and even looked forward to stepping away from the hardship I was going through, but I was not okay and it was extremely tough for me accept that I was not okay after all. I don't have the mental capacity to even do my things around my own house because I am doing everything for my parents. So, to help at the tournament was really rough. I don't know how I got through it all, to be honest. Even in the second chance tournament, I was out in 2. I played bad. Maybe my previous match was still carrying over? Knowing I had no mental energy/toughness? Amanda stated it looked like I didn't care and I was not staying down, etc.

Since the tournament, I have practiced 8 ball three times with Tracie and saw my parents over the weekend. I played better and better each time we played and feel confident right now. I leave for Vegas tomorrow! I am SO excited! Also, seeing my parents was good/bad. Again I am physically and mentally exhausted. I did so much for them over the weekend at their house and running errands, that I feel like I have been hit by a truck. However, my Mom is doing better, but my Dad is getting worse. :( I did spend quality time with each of them on Saturday, but I also had a 'talkin with them on Sunday morning about trying to listen more to each other and quit taking everything wrong; to say thank you to each other more; and to try and enjoy these last few years without arguing so much. I told them how much their yelling bothered me, and I was 5 hours away! So, it must really be bothering them.

Coming down to visit them, as I walk in the door they cry and say, "Smallperson to the rescue! Our new parent is here." (my Dad calls me Smallperson) However cute that may sound, however fun and ironic it may sound, being the parent, I am finding out, can be very taxing. LOL.

I love my Parents.

Vegas or Bust.