Intro Blog I have been helping a friend with his game, mostly by just talking about the mental aspect of the game and such, and usually right before or after tournaments.

Well, his progress has been such that he and I thought I should also be sharing this information all along with you all as well.  Kind of like a progress report.  And also so you can learn along with him. 

April: Toodles Danielson (frown)

Sept:  Danielson - Back in the Game
Aug:  Life Happens
July:  Quieting the Talker
May:  Playing Better Because of Confidence
Mar:  Negative Tourney Experience
Mar:  Looking at Other Options
Feb:  Confidence Booster
Jan:  Imitation Can Hurt or Help
Jan:  2018 Goals

DecPressure Proven Well
DecChecklist Report
NovSecond Day Tourney Thoughts
Oct:   Carrying Upsetness to Next Match
SeptStatus Thoughts
AugMany Factors
JulyRefocusing Early

Sure, I wrote about this "coaching" a few times already (here and here), but after every tournament, he and I chat about something new that came up for him from the previous weekend's tourney, and he's telling me it's really good info that I should share with others.

This player was ranked in the 60s on the Omega Tour End of Season Standings in 2015 and in the 40s in 2016.  He also went 0-2 in most of the stops those two years who never cashed in an Omega Tour event.  And this year he's turned into a player ranked in the top 25 who now is a threat to cash in every event!

I'm going to label this "Daniel San," like the eager student in the movie Karate Kid who was a quick learner as he applied the lessons from Mister Miyagi.  So, in the blog pieces, I will be referring to the player as "Danielson" (slang for "Daniel San") and not use his real name.

Danielson and I hope you enjoy this journey of learning!

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