Friday, April 4, 2014

Please Be Quiet

I got surprised during one of my singles matches on Wednesday.

I'm playing a friend of mine in the 5th round, and it's getting late in the day, about 630pm or so.  Doesn't seem late, but with players playing and drinking all day, it makes for a long day.

By drinking I mean, the guys to the right of our table were pretty lit.  I recognized one of the players but all his friends watching I did not know.

About the middle of our match, they start to get loud.  Their friend had just lost the match and so they were talking more.  And talking loud.

I noticed it, but tried not to let it bother me, and just focused on my game.

Then all of a sudden, my opponent's husband walks over to them and asks nicely to talk softer because we are still in a match.

Now, this may seem normal, really.  But, my friends' husband isn't a big guy, and the guys who were talking real loud WERE.  Two of the 4 were big guys, but he didn't care.  He didn't want them to distract his woman or I.

I whispered "thank you" as he walked by.

I was REALLY impressed!  He did this all on his own, without any provoking from either of us.  He just recognized what was going on and took the initiative to ask them for us.

He sits down for about 10 minutes and then gets up and leaves.  As he leaves, I heard one of those guys say, "He's prolly going to get a ref."

I was ticked!


You are STILL kinda talking loud, and we are in a match, and you are getting miffed he might get a ref??

He didn't get a ref, and came back and continued to watch us play.

About 15 more minutes pass, and his wife is at the table.  One of the guys is hitting balls on the table next to us and all of a sudden he says, "I can't cross into that area right there.  He's staring at me."

I shook my head and so did her husband.  He says to him, "What?  I'm not even looking at you or your way."

I was dumbfounded.

Really I was.

I shot at an 8ball soon after that and the guy I recognized was in my line of sight.  I made the ball then went up to him all smiles and said, "thank you for not moving!"  Trying to calm the situation down.

I didn't know if it was the alcohol or what, but it could have got ugly for no reason.


I didn't hear any other comments.  Thankfully.

I just didn't understand why the guys didn't recognize they were being loud.  Most people would have been quiet, or left the area.  They wouldn't have been upset about it.


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