Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dallas Hunter Tournament June 2006

I placed 25th-32nd. Didn't get in the money, but finally, finally played well after a 5 month dry spell of playing really bad. This is one of the tournaments I also run so it was a busy time. And we even held a surprise Birthday party for one of the other board members! It was a lot of fun. See Monica below:

My Stats:

Susan Atwell 7-3.
Michelle Ram 4-7. Down 4-0, won 3 in a row, but missed a 2 9-ball combo that could have tie the score 4-4. She played good.
Susan Petty 7-3. We had fun. I enjoyed the match with her.
Monica Anderson (the birthday girl). 5-7. She played good and I was not concentrating. I need to focus better - I noticed this in my May tournament as well.
Out of 44 girls, 25th place. Sounds terrible in the grand scheme of things, but not too bad considering I won two matches and finally felt good about playing. Although I'm the photographer for the tour, I had a friend of mine, Amanda, take some pictures of me. Here's one with my hair down: