Thursday, February 27, 2014

Handicapped Tour and Calcutta

As many of you know, I run the Omega Billiards Tour here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

It's a handicapped tour and there are many reasons for this decision:
  1. It allows for ALL players to play.  From the lowest (beginners) to the highest (pros).
  2. It means the lower players have a better chance against the top players.
  3. It means that we don't limit it to just amateur players (master and pros can play).
  4. It allows for the beginning player to improve and get experience against better players in a bigger tourney.
  5. If it was not handicapped, the sponsor and I felt that many of the beginners wouldn't play as often as they do.  Or even the "middle of the pack" players if the top players always won.
  6. We didn't want the top players take all the money - we wanted the middle and lower players to be able to get a chance at the money, too.
  7. Handicaps allow for tougher competition for the top players, too.  It's definitely not a gimme.
There are many more reasons, but those are just a few.

While a handicapped tour allows for all players to play, running a handicapped tour causes a lot of complaints lol.

The problem lies in the fact that the handicaps are not always correct.  It's based on KNOWN ABILITY.  I don't care what you are ranked in BCAPL, ACS, or APA, it's based on known ability.

However, I don't know ALL the players and depend on others to give me their opinions.

But, even then, sometimes I'm given wrong info.  Not intentionally!  Never.  Just, they didn't know.

I explained at the last tourney just last weekend how the handicaps work and why some people get moved up or down, and others don't.  Long story short, we don't move players up if they place well a few times.  We don't move players down if they place bad.  Going two and out does not mean you will be moved down.  It just means it's a tough field (and maybe you didn't play your best, lol).  (like I did last time haha.)

I have moved over 15 players up or down because their ranking was INCORRECT.  And I hope that players talk to me about rankings.



I admit I'm frustrated about this part. 

Sure,  I know I will ALWAYS get complaints about handicaps and I know I will ALWAYS hear about this person or that person, but I make decisions based on how they play with my own eyes, and also from opinions of others.

However, if I don't know the player, I can only go by others.  And sometimes I have been given wrong info.  But players don't tell me before the Calcutta that someone is ranked too low!!  Instead, they bid on them because they are low!  Then after the tourney, they complain to me that they were ranked too low.


So, basically, they are abusing the system and taking advantage of the system at the same time!

No one will say anything because they don't want to knock anyone.  And if they can get someone cheap in the Calcutta, all the better for them right?

But then all I hear about is complaints during the tourney and after about these certain players!  Well, if they ranking is WRONG, then tell me, discuss it with me, before the Calcutta.  



My goodness this would help out IMMENSELY on the complaints that I get about new players.

/thank you for listening/

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Women's League Stats

The Top Shooter in my women's league, Courtney Evans, (you go girl!) is a statematician and so she got me looking at my stats, too.  Okay, she's really not a statematician (a word I just made up), but she loves to look at stats and keep up with stats and compare stats.

So, thought I would copy cat her and see/share what happened in my women's league comparing my stats this year with last year.

Before I compare my year, I'd like to share Courtney's.  It's her first time to get Top Shooter so she deserves a shout out!  Her percentage last year was 68.7% and she jumped to 78.1% this year to get the top spot in the rankings!  Congrat's, Courtney!  She's da bomb and I'm so happy for her!

Looking at my two years on the league:
In 2013 Season, I played 85 games.
Wins:  64
Losses:  21
Break and Runs:  4
Rack and Runs:  4
Five and 0s:  5

Standings in 2013 Season:
Wins/Losses %:  75.3 %:  2nd place in the rankings!
Break and Runs:  1st place!
Rack and Runs:  1st place!
Five and 0s: 2nd place!

In 2014 Season, I played 96 games.
Wins:  74
Losses:  22
Break and Runs:  1
Rack and Runs:  7
Five and 0s:  5

Standings in 2014 Season:
Wins/Losses %:  77.08%:  2nd place in the rankings!
Break and Runs:  Tied for 2nd place (bad year for break and runs)
Rack and Runs:  1st place! (hellava year for rack and runs!)
Five and 0s:  Tied for 1st place (with Courtney!)

Comparatively, what does all this mean?  I guess I'm consistent?  :)

BTW, here is Courtney and I (1st place in the standings and 2nd place in the standings and teammates!)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Gave That to Me

In the past two weeks I have run across some weird responses after I lose a match.

I realize that no one intentionally hurts others or intentionally says things to be mean, but sometimes things still rub me the wrong way, especially when I'm already upset at other things..

And that's unfortunate.

With all my years of experience you think I could just let these comments roll off my back.  And I'll be honest, normally I would. 

But what I'm noticing lately are these comments come at bad times for me, lol.

So, instead of letting the comments roll off my back and not upset me, instead I AM getting upset and I AM saying something to the other player to kinda of "defend" myself.

Instance One:

I'm at league and my opponent and I miss the 8 ball about 3 times each.  I finally make it but SCRATCH and she says to me, "You deliberately did that!"


I was pretty livid, I admit.  I retorted, "I didn't deliberately do that, I would never do that. Why would you say that??"

What's unfortunate is, what no one else knows, is WHY it upset me so much.  Why I LET it upset me.

It was just bad timing.

I was already upset at a several things before this first match of the night and this just topped it off, unfortunately.  But, I was so upset with the culmination of a lot of things at that point, I almost left!  I finally calmed down and realized because I was playing in a team event I needed to stay for my team no matter how upset I was personally. 

After the match, she came right up to me and apologized.  She said she never should have said that and put herself in my shoes and realized it wasn't right.

I told her that honestly it shouldn't have bothered me what she said.  I told her it really wasn't that bad.  I should never have been upset over that. 

But I explained to her I had just gotten into it with my captain, was frustrated with the league, and was trying to stay in the top 3 for top shooter.  So, it just was bad timing really.  Not her fault at all!  And I felt super bad I showed in my body language that I was upset.  I didn't want her game to be bothered because I was upset.

Further, I also told her that my character is very important to me and I wanted to apologize TO HER for getting upset.  I don't want to be that type of pool player, and I want to be a good representative of the sport.  So I felt bad.

She apologized again (and so did I).

And then we hugged.  

(yep, that's what girls do, lol!)

Instance Two:

Flash forward two weeks later and I'm playing in the Omega Tourney for the first time.  I need only one more game and my opponent needs 3.  I am playing SO good, that I get a little too confident.  I shoot the final 9ball, it goes in, but with these particular pockets, it spits back out!  I'm not worried.  I'm playing good and am the better player.

The next game I have to "come with a shot" and I am about to make the 8ball but the cueball stops it from going in and then the CUEBALL scratches!!  OMg...

Final game, I'm running out but miss a tough 8 ball.  He gets out and says, "You gave that to me."

I stood my ground, "No I didn't."

Now, I know what he's implying - I really do!  But I didn't really give it him.

Yes, I didn't win and yes I missed some shots, but it's really, really unnerving to hear "you gave that me" after you dog it!

He said again, "yes you did."

I replied, "I would never deliberately give you games or miss."  Trying to re-word it, to show how his words could be taken.

He says, "well you didn't give it to me intentionally."

I was upset because I should have won!  I outplayed my opponent, but those 3 misses were too late in the racks and too crucial.

But to say that to me after those misses just kinda rubbed salt in the wound.

Again, the timing just sucked for me.

I should never have gotten perturbed over the words.  Neither one of them meant to bother me.  And let's  face it, *I* let it bother me.  Normally it wouldn't, I just am not mentally strong right now and when I am like this, things bother me more than usual.

I hope to get stronger again ASAP!  This sucks lol.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Showing the Love with Glitter (video clip)

A few months ago on our Thursday night league, my women's team played against a newly-formed women's team.  They have all played the league before but decided to form their own, new team.

I think we won a few games and then someone on their team won a game.  The player walks over to their teammates and she high-fives her teammate.

Sounds normal, right?

Well, what wasn't normal was all this glitter started to fall from their hands!

What the heck??

Turns out, to celebrate their wins with more enthusiasm, one of the players puts glitter in their palm, waits for the winning player to come over, they high five, and glitter goes all the place!

The laughed and were smiling and having SO much fun!

The team is all about improving, having fun, and drama-free.  And it was VERY evident!

I of course asked them to make me a video for my blog so I could share this all with you!   :)

While this is "staged," it still shows how they would do the glitter high-five!

BTW, the team finished in the top five for the season!!  Congrats, Ladies!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Most Improved Player - Nice Belt!

My friend Natalie won Most Improved Player last year on the OB Cues Ladies Tour and she joked about getting a wrestling belt.... and someone made her one!  This has lights and logos and a nineball on it!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tough Decision

I've decided to quit my Thursday Night Ladies League.

Wasn't an easy decision.  I spent a few weeks debating about it, then after the last few Thursday nights, it became clearer I need to move on. 

Our team will still be together for BCA State and ACS Nationals, tho!!  But when the new session starts in April or May, I wont be joining them.

I told my teammates on Thursday night.  Even THAT was tough.  But each one hugged me and said they understood, and they could tell it wasn't an easy decision.

I have won BCA Nationals with a Women's Team and BCA State with a Women's Team, and my team on Thursdays has won league playoffs twice and we have been the top team in the standings for the last three seasons.

As one of my teammates told me last night after I confided I was taking a break:  "It's time to focus on your individual goals."

Yep, it is.

As tough as it is for me to depart, I need to focus on ME.  I want to step away from the SMOKE and the drinking and the drama and selfishness and the disagreements and the lack of team spirit I see at times.  What used to be fun is no longer the case.

So, time to surround myself with activities and people that will help me, not agitate me. 

My boyfriend keeps reminding me I need to challenge myself more and in order to do that, I need to work on ME first, then put myself in tougher situations in pool.

So, although it wasn't an easy decision, I'm already looking forward to one less night of league each week!  More time for moi!  More time to work on me.... my game..... and my life! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Facing Fear

I written a few times that fear is something you need to get a handle of in order to focus on playing good pool. 

If you have fear, you have negative feelings.  Negative feelings do not allow good pool playing!  Examples of "fear" in matches are:

  • embarrassment, 
  • losing in front of friends,
  • worrying about how you "should" finish,
  • people watching you,
  • meeting your expectations,
  • playing in front of a crowd,
  • playing with adversity around you,
  • being nervous,
  • feeling pressure,
  • worrying about results,
  • thinking ahead,
  • worrying about your "status"

Basically, anything that makes your heart race, hands shake, maybe sweat a little, can't really focus on pool or your fundamentals, mind racing, etc.

Sounds like pressure, huh? 

How do you overcome these negative feelings and thoughts?  You need to reverse those feelings and start thinking positive.

As I wrote about before, I talked to Paul Potier (a coach of pros) about this very thing - embarrassment in matches - while sitting next to him at a poker table at the Riviera in Vegas in 2007.

As a well-known instructor, I took the opportunity to ask him about my latest obstacle (I had been going through embarrassment in matches for a few months - right after I worked successfully on another part of my mental game, ironically).

He said, basically, embarrassment is the same as fear. If we look at fear and confidence on a percentage level, we have 100% of them combined into a flask (my terminology). The key is to make the two "feelings" lopsided in the flask so there is more confidence than fear. He didn't tell me how to do that but it's still a very important thing to remember.  get MORE confidence than fear.

I have a few tricks I use to get that confidence:

  • Focus on what you are doing right
  • Celebrate even the smallest successes (drawing the ball well or maybe breaking well)
  • Tell yourself how lucky you are to play the game you love
  • Compare this fear to other things in life.  Is this REALLY the worse thing you've been through?  Have you been through more "scarier" things in life.  Tougher things?  Of course.
  • Think of a great thing in your life that is going on to try and occupy your mind off of the negatives
  • Think of a song and sing in your head
  • Think of things that make you smile
  • Try and have fun even though you might be nervous

Basically, re-direct your thoughts to positive things.  Being "scared" or feeling pressure is not the end of the world!  So, make yourself realize that enough you may be heaving, can't breathe, and can't stop shaking.

I, of course, also take deep breathes when that adrenaline is racing through my veins.  Breathe in deeply, hold, let the air out slowly.  That actually slows your adrenaline.

The other key I have written about before is to focus on your pre-shot routine, fundamentals, and three-ball shape.  Tough to worry about what is going on around you if your mind is solely on the game.  Of course our mind SHOULD be only on the game at hand, but we all know thoughts creep into our minds.  But focusing on the layout in front of you helps your mind focus on that only.

For other tips, click here from a past post.

HAVE FUN, People!  Keep pool into perspective.
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." You must do the thing you think you cannot do. 

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home Cue Repair Kit

Here I was thinking I found a GEM the other day at a garage sale and it turns out, this thing is for sale TODAY!

I had no idea that there was some kind of Home Cue Repair Kit available.  This one I found is called the Tweeten Home Cue Repair Kit.

I know the owner had this kit for over 30 years and never even opened the box.  So I thought I found a treasure!  And almost called the Antique Road Show (just kidding).

Here are the photos of my not-so-old-after-all treasure:

When I did a search of it for this blog post, I found out you can but this at Sears, on, and any billiards dealer website.  For example, over at Ozone Billiards.

The box on the websites even looks old!

The kit includes:
  • 12 Elk Master leather cue tips 13mm
  • Tube Cue Tip Cement, with oval eye tube closer
  • Billiard cloth spots and mending tissue, gummed one side, moisten and attach like postage stamp
  • Cue tip trimmer, curved to shape the tip properly, with extra sandpaper
  • Plastic cue tip clamp, to use when re-tipping cues.
  • 3 Master blue chalk cubes

And on the website, this particular kit got great reviews!

So, instead of me sharing my good news about my secret, awesome, antique-find, I'm just going to recommend this home cue repair kit if you want to put cuetips on yourself.  ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pit Stop with Pool Tables

While driving to Vegas back in Nov, one of the first pit stops my boyfriend and I made for gas and restrooms (between Dallas to Amarillo in Texas) seemed like a typical gas station, but it had some extra space for truck drivers. 

So, as you can imagine, it was a little larger than most gas stations. But yet it wasn't one of those REALLY large gas stations for trucks.

As I went in to use the restroom, I saw this beautiful surprise!

(Click photo to enlarge)

The little game area had two pool tables!  And look at all that space around them!

I was so impressed, I went to the car, got my phone, took, a pic, and then forgot to use the restroom, lol!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Realistic Goals

I have written a lot about goals, but I didn't really see a recent post about the finer points about goals.

I alluded to a few good points about goals, but I will try and be more specific today because of recent comments I have heard in the pool room.

The key with goals is to make them realistic.

What's weird about this statement is, the words REALLY need to be absorbed.  And reflected upon.

I did not know what the words REALLY meant until I started making goals for many years.  Many failed goals, I might add.

But, then I saw.

Then I understood.



But, of course.

I love goals.  But,  admittedly, I have to be in the right frame of mine to even set goals.  You can see by my blogs from the past when I was and wasn't into goals.  With the passing of my Mom only 2 1/2 years ago, goals are far from my mind.  (grief does that to you.)

Back to my main point of this blog post:  Again, the key with goals is to make them realistic.

I remember one year I had a goal to get Most Improved Player on a tour in the 90s. Boy, I learned my lesson the hard way!!  I had no control over that - someone else decided that "title" (and no, I did not win it, even though I came close).

Let's look at that again.  My unrealistic goal was to win Most Improved Player.  How would I do that?  Honestly, how does one do that and yet have no control over it?  It was an award decided upon by others.  Yet that's what my "goal" was. 

Goals ARE important because they give you that something extra to strive for, to look forward to, to plan for, etc.

But, I like simpler goals now.  Attainable goals.

Like in matches:
  • Have fun
  • Stay down
  • Smooth stroke
  • Enjoy the game we love to play

These goals below seem realistic and attainable, but sometimes they are not:
  • Get in the money
  • Last til Sunday
  • Win all my matches (in league)
  • Get in the top 25% of a tourney

All of these goals seem reasonable, but they are affected by A LOT of outside factors that you have no control over!  One time I placed 9th and didn't get in the money because the field wasn't large enough.  One time I ran into the top two players and didn't make it to Sunday.  Another time someone slopped in the 9ball and cost me a 5-0 at league.

So, as you can see, goals are only as good as you set them.

At my last tournament, I told a few friends, "just have fun; that's my goal for you."  One response was, "my goal is for you to win the tournament."  While I see that as being supportive, it's an unrealistic goal in my eyes.  Not because I can't win.  I CAN!  But, it's not my goal - my goal it to have fun and play the best of my ability.  And if the win comes with that, then that's great!  Winning a tournament is an awesome goal, but I know that most times I would be disappointed because there are so many factors that can affect that goal.

As as reminder, when you do make goals, ensure you are specific about how to reach your goals. I don't always do this well, but as an example, if someone says, "my goal is to lose weight," the person will be more successful if they list specifically how to achieve that goal.  Another example:  "Watch more videos this year."  How about, "Watch 2 videos a month." 

Whatever your goals, please make them realistic and specific for more success.  

Good luck! 

Oh, and have fun!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where Is the Family?

I used to really enjoy playing on this Tour that I play on, but lately, I don't feel very comfy there.

It used to feel like family, but now it's just uncomfortableness.

Two of the players who help run the tour wont even speak to me (for whatever reason) and so I have this nagging feeling that I am not welcomed by them.

I used to speak up about things, but instead of them seeing it as being helpful, they get defensive and tell me how I shouldn't speak up.  I am only looking out for the players and the sponsors and the tour.  I admit I prolly wasn't tactful (even though I was NEVER rude) but to hear everyone else complain and I was the only one to speak up, I guess this is the type of treatment I will get in return.

I stood there recently trying to tell someone my score.  Well, the girl who was helping wont speak to me so how am I suppose to give my score?  And what kind of Representative is that anyway?

A Tour should be run as a business and no favoritism should be shown or felt.  Instead, I feel like I am not wanted.

Hard to play pool in that kind of environment.

While some of the players who run the tour love me to death and would never say anything to hurt me, I appreciate that and them!!  But everyone should make everyone feel welcomed.

Instead, it seems like a clique now. 

Even the defintion is negative in tone:  "a small, exclusive group of people;"

And I'm sure I'll get chastised for speaking my opinion here.  I have not said one ill word til this blog post, even though I've wanted to express how I wish my friends would get more recognition from the Tour.  But I have said before I can't just write about all the good things all the time in my blog if I'm going to be true to myself and my readers.

I will still play.  I will continue to feel uncomfortable but at least I have a lot of friends who play in the tournament that make me feel very welcomed!

Maybe it's all me.  I did turn into a turtle when my Mom passed and I wasn't very talkative or "smiley" for the last two years.

Just no fun anymore.  Tough for me to admit that when I have been a part of the Tour in some way or fashion for 20 years.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Funny Stats

I felt weird / funny / awkward / moved the other day when one of my friends shared with me what happened when she showed her boyfriend her stats in league.

She shared the league stats with him because she was in first place in the individual standings!  She was very proud of herself, AS SHE SHOULD BE!

Being in first place in anything is not easy to achieve!

However, his response threw her off guard.

The stats included everything - team standings, individual standings, who has 5-0's, who has table runs, and who has break and runs.

She waited anxiously for his response.

He finally responded:  "Wow, Melinda has SEVEN rack and runs!  That's pretty impressive no matter what league you are on!"



I hadn't really thought about it before....  it made the stat really shine in my eyes after he said that. 

Wish he would have said something first about her being in first place, though.

Friday, February 7, 2014

NonSmoking During Matches

I really LOVE that No Smoking is allowed during the matches on the OB Cues Ladies Tour!

It's even better at Rusty's Billiards in Arlington, Texas because they have a entire room with 9 tables in it that is completely a non-smoking room!

The reason this is so cool is, because here is an example (from another pool room) where even though the match at this table is non smoking, the people at the bar can smoke!


While it helps during matches away from people, the tables near smokers still kinda sucks I admit.

But, I know I can't make everyone not smoke inside a pool room while we play our matches.  Our can I?  ;)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Slow Down!

I placed 13th out of 52 ladies at the first OB Cues Ladies Tour stop of 2014.

This was held at Rusty's Billiards in Arlington, Texas, right in my backyard (well, 20 minutes away from my house but considering the size of Texas, that's pretty much in my back yard!).  I love playing there because they have a NON-SMOKING side to their pool room.  Woo-woo!

I got a bye, then struggled in my next match against a friend of mine who has really improved!  She had my heart racing for sure!  About 5 hours later I played again.  I struggled through this match, too.  I had two 9-ball on the breaks and one break and run to help go hill-hill, but I scratched on a hreatbreaking 7ball hill-hill and it cost me the match (obviously).

I was then one of the final matches of the evening and somehow managed to recover from sloppy play to playing better and won 7-4.  I was in til Sunday!  But, my Sunday morning match was NOT going to be easy.  I would for sure need to come with it, as I was playing my friend and Florida Champ, Jeannie Seaver.

First game was a safety battle that she won.  I missed a draw into the 9 the second game, then missed a 4 ball, 6 ball, and she would run out each time.  I was VERY frustrated.  Then she broke and ran to make it 0-5.  Ouch!

I went to the bathroom real quick and was very disappointed in myself as I looked at myself in the mirror.

On of my friends came out of the stall and I told her that and she said, "I can tell you are frustrated.  Just breathe and slow down."

I washed my hands and got back to the table quickly.

Wait, slow down?

I was shooting fast?


I don't normally do that.


She missed and I ran out beautifully, taking my time!

 Me....In my match

I then had another shot the next game and again ran out well, taking my time!

Hey, look at this!

I broke dry and she ran out.


Then I was given a 3-9 combo.

Score 3-6.

But alas, she broke and ran the last rack and I my tournament life was finished.

13th out of 52 players really isn't that bad, but I didn't even play to my potential.  So, I'm disappointed in that part.  However, I am happy I recovered in ALL of my matches.  I am proud of that because I had a lot of mental anguish going on trying to recover from missed shots coupled with life events.

And of course the last match playing fast and seeing the benefit of slowing down was awesome!  I have written many times how it's VERY important to find out what is going on in your match BEFORE it's too late.

In this match, that happened to me.  My opponent was a GREAT shot and she ran out so fast and well, that before I knew it I was down 0-5.  It was WAY too late for me to figure out what was going on and correct it.

And honestly, *I* didn't figure it out - someone else did.

And this shows how I wasn't into my fundamentals, and I was too frustrated and not playing pool.  I admit I was thinking too much and too frustrated to even consider trying to figure out what was going on.  Once someone pointed out I was shooting too fast, it all clicked what was wrong and I slowed down.

And it helped so much!

But, will I figure this out early enough in my future matches?  I normally am good at that, but wasn't on this day.  Gosh I hope pay more attention, but it's tough... I admit!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Save the Day with a Drink!

The other night one of our friends was gambling.  We weren't paying too much attention to his match as we were kinda sidetracked with a tournament going on in the same pool room.

At one point, a couple of hours later, we noticed he was struggling.  He didn't have the same look on his face or the desire in his eyes as when he started, and he looked kinda tired now.  And he was prolly embarrassed because he was playing bad.

My boyfriend asked if he wanted something to drink, "Man, I'd love a Diet Coke."

He goes and gets the drink and as he does so, he tells the people who were WATCHING, "Didn't you notice he needed something to drink?"

Then he shares with me that the guy is prolly feeling down because he's playing badly, and showing him some attention might pep him up. 

Sure enough, his eyes got brighter, he felt "loved" (so to speak), and he started to play better.  I would find out the next day he got ahead two sets (he was down when we got him the drink) and his opponent then quit, lol.

Also the next day, a friend of mine was playing in the tournament I mentioned.

She was struggling a little bit and the score was close.  I could tell she was frustrated, too.

I then noticed she lifted her water bottle almost upright, which meant she was out of water!

I ran to the counter, ordered a cold bottle of water, and brought it to her.

This accomplished several things:  She was no longer out of water (dehydration is no good in sports/competition), she felt "loved," and she knew someone was supporting her (obviously, because I noticed the water bottle being empty).

Yes, she won her match, also. 

But that's really not the point.

Even if both of these players would have lost, the point is:  the feeling of support and someone on your side goes a long way! 

It's tough to be the fish out of water and everyone wants to defeat you.  And if you are struggling anyway, makes it all worse even if you are the favored.  To have that kinda of support even from simple water and a diet coke means someone cares and is looking out for you.  Means you aren't alone.  Means, you can go back to focusing on pool instead of struggling.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Supporting Can Have Reverse Consequences

A few of my friends entered their first EVER OB Cues Ladies Tour event over the weekend.

I was so proud of them - it's one of the hardest things to do is enter a big tournament for the first time.  Nerves are tested, heart rate increases, you think everyone is watching you, you feel like a fish out of water.  It's not easy!  Expectations are high and sometimes they get stepped on because we lose from nerves, not from our talent.

I watched a few of the games of these three players over the weekend.

And then I walked away.

I wanted to watch them so badly for their whole match and show my support, but I also didn't want to mess them up by me watching. 

I recalled how sometimes in the past, I have wanted to perform well for others and I faltered instead.  I thought too much about who was watching, instead of playing pool.  I have heard this also from many friends.

Now I can handle anyone watching, but I admit it took YEARS and YEARS. 

So, I wanted to give them their best chance, and so I walked away. 

I did give them some advice before each match (have fun! and high-fived them).  But when it came to watching, I didn't stay long even though I really wanted to see how they were doing!

I would find out later their scores and how they did, but I recognize to let them play pool and give them their space.

I'm so proud of my friends for playing! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Giving and Receiving

I am really appreciating the kudos from my teammates and boyfriend when I play. 

Although I am a good player, I still love accolades. 

And it pumps me up!

They appreciate a good run or shot and they say something verbally about it.  They don't take me for granted and they are watching my games and being super supportive!  In tournaments and in leagues.

It really, really, really pumps me up. 

And I have noticed my teammates' kudos more and more recently for some reason. I don't know if it's because of the people I'm surrounded with or what, but I don't recall this before.  Oh wait, maybe I didn't play well enough before to get shout outs, lol!

As for me, I admit I'm apprehensive about saying "good shot" too loud because I think it's kinda rude to the other team or the opponent. 

But, I've decided I want to start being more vocal!

I have always said good shot when the shot was exceptional, or during big team events I'm obviously a good cheerleader.  But because I see how amazing the support feels on a little 'ole league night, I am going to start reciprocating and be more vocal with my friends.

It makes me feel amazing and my friends deserve recognition for great shots.  Time to stop being too cordial and instead more supportive.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Los Borrachos #2

I wrote the other day how I just recently googled my Sunday's team name and found out Los Borrachos means "the Drunks."  (lol, still laughing about this!)

So I mentioned to my captain and a teammate the following Sunday that I looked up our team name and just found out we were the drunks!

The all laughed at me and said, "You didn't know?"

"Nope, I had no idea.  And I even know some Spanish!"

"This didn't give it away?" as they pointed to something on their team shirt.

"Wait, what is that?  Three drunk mexicans?"

"Yep!" they tell me laughing.

I laughed also and then asked, "Have you worn this shirt before?"

"Um, we wear them every Sunday, and we even wore them all last year."

I've NEVER even noticed that before.

Oops, lol.