Tuesday, September 26, 2006

August Hunter Tourney

Well, I thought I would update my blog more often, but that is obviously not the case!

I played in the Hunter Tour event in League City, Texas August 19-20. I went in to the tournament with no goal (1st mistake), and forgot to focus (2nd mistake) and let things into my mind (3rd mistake). All it takes is one mistake, and here are three! There are more, I'm sure, but those are the ones I can recall.

I had an incident occur during the player's meeting (the one I run). Nothing major that anyone would notice, just having an over-reactive day. So, I play my first match against Sandra Adams - a beautiful woman with a great game. I can't get out of my head my stupid thoughts from the player's meeting. I tried so hard to get rid of the feelings. I was ahead in the match, but wasn't playing good. The match lasted forever, my mind raced. It finally donned on me after probably an hour that what I went through was embarrassment. I was elated I figured out what the emotion was I was trying to get over! Once I figured it out, I tried to let go of the morning and focus back on the game, but a few key mistakes later and I lost the marathon match. It was a good learning experience, but I was so drained because I tried so hard mentally to stop thinking. ha! I scratched on two 9 balls because I wasn't paying attention to the speed of the table. I played a new lady next and she was real nice and we had a good time. I might have played another match, but I don't recall. I lost to Anne Mayes next - I tried too hard to focus again and was still drained from earlier. She capitalized on my mistakes, and deserved the win. I placed 17th and won $20.

I knew I had been playing well and so I knew I could win the second chance tournament on Sunday the following day. However, I ran into Holly Gilbert my first match who played lights out. Every mistake I made, she would get out from there. Then I played my good friend Natalie, who played well and also beat me. Out in two -so much for the win! I left early and was in a good frame of mind on the way home, though.

Since then, I have practiced straight pool a few times but didn't beat my high run of 16. Tony and I practiced straight pool a couple of Saturdays ago, and he beat me 100 to 40 and 100 to 47. I wanted play again, so he beat me 32 to 100! But he was still on a run so he continued over 100 and ran 68 balls! He doesn't practice, hasn't played straight pool but a few times but had a great run!

I decided to practice ten ball (one of my favorite practicing games) a few times before my tournament this weekend. I played lights out! I cannot ever remember playing this good before in my life. I'm worried about the chatter in my mind for the tournament this weekend, but I plan to concentrate on my pre-shot routine (advice from my friend Phil Capelle) and to focus on the table, not what's around me. My goal is to give every shot my best effort, which should help me focus. No other goals or expectations. However, I know in my heart I'm playing good enough to win the tournament.

I have also played golf a few times - loved every minute of it!! I can tell golf has helped me mentally stay upbeat and happy the whole rest of the week and I can't wait to play again!

'Til next time.