Monday, February 28, 2011

My Blog...

I played pool with one of my friends on Thursday night playing 8ball on bar tables.  I won about 5 outta 7 games and all of a sudden he says, "this ain't gonna be on your blog is it?"

lmao, evidently, YES,  lol!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roller Coaster Straight Pool Match

In my 5th straight pool match of the season, my opponent is a very nice guy who likes to have fun in life who I have known for a couple of years.  He moved himself down from the race-to-150-division this season so I knew he had some knowledge I wouldn't that he gained from playing the top echelon players from the metro-plex for a few seasons before. 

But, I found myself playing up to his potential (AND mine); feeling comfortable and challenged, and not afraid.  Of course, it helped the score was 7-7 then 22-18, which meant I was in the game pretty early in our little race to 100. 

Then I found myself running out a second rack.  Wait.  Second rack?  Oh crap!  That means I'm close to my personal high run of 28!  I had only three balls left when it dawned on me.  Yes, I know, I shouldn't be thinking of that, but it all of a sudden hit me! 

Instead of stopping the cueball for a simple three ball run, I decided to draw it back for what-in-my-mind was the "correct" break out shot.  Instead, I should have gone with my first instinct and NOT worry about which ball would make for a for-sure beak out for my potentially new high run.

Here is the lay out (click to enlarge):

I decide to be super cool and draw my cueball back to the 11.  Then I would simply draw a little bit back for shape on the 2ball for the routine break out shot.  What I should have executed instead was simply use a tad draw on the 1ball for the 2ball next, and then use the 11ball in the side for the break out, which ironically was my previous break shot that led to this run. 

I get ready to shoot and as I tend to do on "super draw shots," I hit it so low and so hard, I jump RIGHT OVER the 1 ball and into the pocket!  My opponent was flabbergasted!  He knew I was close to the seasons high run and was laughing in disbelief.  I too was in shock!  Ugh - I ruined my potentially new high run!  OMGG!  :(

Turns out he added wrong and I did indeed have the season high run now of 26.  But I was sick and embarrassed.  :(

But I was up 51-27.


I miscued at my next turn at the table.  Ugh.


My next shot I had ball-in-hand with the opportunity to run many balls and I missed it.  I was already timid and afraid - I should have chosen a better shot to shoot.


My next shot I again missed.

At this point my opponent asked me if I got a bad text or something because all of a sudden I couldn't shoot!  I mean - seriously, I couldn't make a ball.  I told him, "no, I'm just so excited about the run" (and now I was no longer focused on my fundamentals!)

I needed to calm down; take advantage of opportunities, but I could only make a ball or two for some reason.  Then he had an 18 ball run and I was down 57-69!  Ugher.  :(

Then my next shot I thought I might scratch and so I hit it soft, yet it still scratched.... and I was livid!  I slammed the butt of my cue down and hit it so hard, one of my fingernails dug into my skin and it almost broke off.  I was SO angry! 

Then I actually scratched again, but I wasn't angry anymore.  I was embarrassed that I had showed so much emotion with my little outburst that I released my tension because I didn't want to show that side of me I was calm by now. 

He is up 63-88 and I finally start playing again like in the beginning!  Whew.  I go on an 8 Ball run and I'm only down 98-75.  Then!  I go on a 14 ball run to only be down 98-89.  I felt SO dang relieved to be playing well again.  SO relieved!

I tried to keep him at bay with many safes, fouls, and such but he eventually won 100-88.  But I played super good in the end, which felt so good. 

I remember a few things my opponent said during the match that I would like to share: 

1.  When I had a straight-in shot, I kinda complained and he said, "at least you have shot."
2.  He was about to go for a tricky shot and he joked "I ain't scared."  I told him, "Guys aren't scared anyway"  and he replied, "in the end, it's all just a game."
3.  I texted one of my g/f's that I had just run 26 balls and he suggested I don't text at all during my matches b/c they could be a deterrent if I happen to get an upsetting text which can obviously get your mind off the game.
4.  He also shared this was the first match he played all season that he enjoyed and that he would actually play for fun later with me, not just for league.

If I didn't start playing well in the end, this blog entry would be much more different, lol.  But overall I'm very satisfied, even though I missed opportunities in the middle of the match.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watcher Affects

I need to get over something.

When I go to new places with pool players I don't know, if I am playing well, I get an inflated ego that affects my play.

Here's how it goes (this just happened the other night):

I'm at a new place.  Lots of new faces.

I win my first match pretty solidly and continue to play well in my second match in front of a lot of people I don't know.  The place is cozy and the lack of seating means spectators have to sit alongside the players at the pool tables.

I play smart shots and make tricky shots while I'm staying down and shooting well.  I get so pumped up at myself, while I can tell people are watching me, that I get over confident and blow a decent chance to run out with only a few balls left! 

In my peripheral vision I can see people checking out the "new girl," whether I want to see them or not.

But it's not just because they are watching, it's me and my inflated ego, proud about how well I am playing.  Yes, I can also hear them make comments.  But... if I am not in full concentration on the ball in front of me and focused on my stroke, then I miss.... and then my ego gets put back in its place. 

While it's good to calm the ego, I instead want to be able to not think about how well (or bad) I am playing in front of people.

I do the same thing in front of good friends.  I'm running out well in straight pool as they watch and while down on a shot I'll be thinking. "damn I'm playing good" and then I'll wonder if they think so, too!  Then... MISS!  lol.

Can't play pool well while your mind isn't on the task at hand!

I try to imagine the pros.  As Tiger Woods is about to putt in front of all those people he doesn't know is he thinking to himself, "man I hit that last shot perfect!"  No.  He is thinking only about the lie of the ball and the stroke of his club (get your mind outta the gutter!).


Even professional pool players.  As many of you have witnessed, the bystanders are sometimes within arms length of the pool tables, so the crowd is close.  Is a pro thinking about how well they are playing and the crowd is prolly impressed with their game?  Probably not.  Is Allison thinking about how well she just ran the rack while down on the 9ball?  Heck no!  She will tell you herself she is focused on making that 9ball with the best stroke possible with her strong fundamentals to get her to the winners circle.  She doesn't let self-admiration get in the way while she is down on a ball in her stance.


Maybe I need to stop being so impressed with myself when I play well? 

Yes, I have been playing well.  More than usual, actually.  I AM staying down better because I focus my eyes on the object ball last when I stroke the cueball.  So, I am playing better because my head is still and not lifting up like it used to. 

Maybe I should accept that "hey, face it, you are playing well; stop being surprised!"  Maybe that realization will help me from feeling awe go through my mind and veins while I run out well which interferes with my shot routine.  lol.  I need to stop with the unnecessary thoughts of what kind (or unkind) words people are saying about my game (whether I can hear them talk or not) and concentrate instead on the little round balls on the table.

Easier said than done, huh?  I get excited when I play well! 

Even on Friday, after I ran most of this one rack pretty sporty, I got too elated inside about my good play, and then missed a cut shot that I normally would have made.  As I sit down, the guy invading my space (because he had no choice where to sit) says to me, "I hope I don't have to play you."  Which made no sense at all since the women were in their own tournament separate from the men.

Anyway, I was too embarrassed I missed that stupid shot to be flattered by his words.  Plus, my own flattery is what caused me to miss the shot in the first place!

I think it's awfully ironic that missed shots in front of a crowd of friends or people you just met can have the same effect - your mind thinks about the miss and your body feels embarrassed, which can lead to a dismal performance if we think too much about it.  It's the same concept - I'm not focused on my shot routine and instead thinking while down on shots. Whether the thoughts are positive or negative - the outcome is the same.

But maybe faith in my skills will allow me to get the flutter out of my head while I'm down on a shot.  I have missed way too many easy shots in front of people I think are admired/disappointed about my play.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I'm Suppose To Do

I don't know if you have been through this a lot like I have, but I have entered many-a-tournaments that I "should" win.

I have been told at many bar-table women's tourneys after the field is known, "you should win this."

Oh yeah?

I should?


But will I?

Do I?

How often, really, do I enter a tournament I should win but don't?  Too many to count.  Too many to share with you my own disappointments of the tourneys I let slip away. 

I'm talking about bar table women's events, either 9ball or 8ball. 

I'm talking about tournaments without champion players, no masters.  Those are the tourneys I really should win. 

So I've been told.

So I, also, believe.

Some of the tourneys I enter I have a good chance to win when I look around the room at my competition.  The ones that stick out most are the ones where a title is on the line (like the BCAPL State Tourneys) and also little bar table tourneys around town have that similar feel - I feel I really am the best player... but will I win?

Although I wasn't itching to play pool on Friday night, at the last minute I went to a cool new place called Diamond Jim's that had a big band/dance area and plenty of sitting tables, but in the back were 8 cozy bar tables, waiting specifically for me and my new pool partner, Brian. 

I signed up and noticed the women played in a separate event than the men.  Score!  I love these type of tourneys.

All of a sudden my non-desire to play turned into excitement to play!

Brian tells me as he looked around the room, "you should snap this off."

"Well," I sigh, "I suppose I should, but we shall see."

I worried that this would be another tourney I am suppose to win but don't.  It crossed my mind more than once that night, unfortunately. 

I admit I played quite well the lovely chess game of 8ball against my opponents.

However, never let up.  Don't get too cocky. 

And then it happened.  I made a few too many mistakes in my 3rd match and the girl made it 1-1 in a race to 2 (my first two matches I won 2-0).  At that point, I was wondering if I would find myself on the one loss side. If this woman played a "tad" better, she would have taken advantage of my miss-before-the-8 that I slow-rolled.  But she didn't get out and then I won that match... and my next.

I didn't know where I was on the brackets until the Tournament Director said, "You and Cindy on table 4 for the finals."

What?  Finals?  Me?

It went hill-hill the first set, but I won the last game and won the tourney 2-1!

OMG.  I won a tourney I was suppose to!

I asked the Tourney Director if I could have the brackets.  Cindy joked with me she could sign her name, lol!

I walked it over to Brian and Amanda and they hi-fived me as I repeated myself over and over for the rest of the night, "Hey, guess what?  I won a tourney!"  They would laugh each time I said it, but I think they only appeased me because they couldn't believe how giddy I was as I waved the bracket sheet up in the air a lot!

This isn't the first tourney I have won that I should.  But I didn't let THIS ONE GET AWAY like so many other times. 

Go me! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Pool Room Sign for Rules

Everyone knows that pool rooms have rules.  Right?  We've all seen the signs.  No masse' shots, no jump shots, don't put your drink on the tables, etc.

Here are a few of the more common signs that I have seen across the country, as an example:

Well, I have now found my FAVORITE!  I didn't get to go to Derby, but ran across this on the AZB Forums, shared by Justin from TAR (The Action Report).  This was their sign posted just outside the TAR Action Room.  The Action Room is where action matches were streamed live all through out the day and night of ten days at Derby at the end of January.

Aren't these FUNNY-a$$ rules?!!  OMG!

(click to enlarge, btw)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Take Responsiblity

It annoys me when people complain about things they could have prevented.  I do it, too.  I'm only human, also.  But it has come up a lot of late for some reason in regards pool and so it's on my mind more how much the annoyance of bitching about things that could be prevented gets under my skin.

Sure, I stay up too late sometimes and shouldn't.  I will drag my dog-tired arse around all day and be miserable at work, but you wont hear me complain too much about it.  Yes, it's my own fault.  Yes, it was preventable, but I did it to myself and I accept that.  I just accept how tired and miserable I am and suffer through it.  (then I fall into bed by 630pm and sleep all night, lol.)

It's when the whiners are more vocal than usual about things that are preventable that agitate me most for some reason.

I have three main pet peeves about "preventable whining" when it comes to pool:

1.  You don't post, then you get stiffed.
2.  You leave your cue in the car, and it gets stolen.
3.  You haven't been practicing, and don't play or finish well in a tourney.

1.  You don't post, and then you get stiffed.  Really?  Come on now.  Everyone knows to post.  I will give one reprieve - if it's your first time to ever gamble.  If you don't get your opponent to post the money, it's your own fault if you don't get paid.  It's a harsh sentence, I know.  But it's the same as me - I lend money and never get it back (a lot).  It's my own fault, but I wont whine about it - It's Preventable!  I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else for not complaining sometimes, but I am saying it annoys me when people whine loudly, foolishly over preventable things.  Pet Peeve, I guess.  Although, I am very impressed when those that don't force posts, then don't get paid, don't whine afterwards - it's remarkable (and uncommon) when one admits silently it's their own fault, so I get impressed.

Too bad we all don't learn from our misjudgments, lol.  I keep lending money, and others remain playing on air barrels.

2. You leave your cue in the car, and it gets stolen. OMG, this one annoys me, also.  Yes, it sucks when things are stolen.  It really does.  It feels like you are violated, personally.  If someone comes into your house and robs you, you should feel violated.  If someone breaks into your car and steals your cue - that to me was preventable.  Why would anyone leave their cue in a car at a pool room?  I don't listen too well to that whine, I admit.

3. You haven't been practicing, and don't play or finish well in a tourney.  It took me many, many years to figure out that if I don't play my best, I can't expect to do well in a match/tourney and shouldn't be disappointed, disgusted, and walk around complaining about it.  If I'm missing a lot, thinking while down on the shot, and I am not putting my full effort into every single shot, then I wont finish well or win when I should.  I wish the players that never practice anymore would quit whining that they didn't do well.  Hello?  You haven't practiced in 2 months!  I sincerely appreciate my friends who say, "I haven't hit a ball since the last tourney so it doesn't surprise me I didn't play better."  That takes a lot of heart to admit and say it out loud, instead of getting so frustrated you bitch, moan, and whine that you don't play the same as you used to (when you haven't been working on your game!)  Ugh.  Take some responsibility.  Stop with the excuses.

Preventable whining.  Reminds me of the amazing, awesome Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Maybe I should reread this prayer when I get agitated, LOL!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

That Cost Him $4,000!!

I have talked before about the HUGE break contest at Rusty's Billiards.  Well, last night (Feb 15th) each ball was worth $1,000! 

I tried my luck and bought a few raffle tickets on some of the guys, with fingers and toes crossed that their names would be called.  lol.

My friend Chase is called, and we bought him some raffle tickets!  Woo-Hoo!  But.... the ticket drawn was not ours. Still, very exciting for Chase!

He breaks.

(Remember, a $1,000 a ball!) 

He makes two balls on the break which means he gets to keep shooting for the cash!

He can make the 1ball, but he will run into the 8ball and might miss shape for the 2ball.  He studies it; makes it; and bumps perfectly into the 8ball for the 2ball down table.

He makes the 2ball; then the 3ball.
$3,000 already!

He studies the table some more and has 4 balls left.  He gets down on the 4 ball, and MISCUES!


He is sick!

Everyone is sick!

He leans over the table in disbelief.

He had a good layout and that miscue cost him $4,000 because he had four balls left.  OMG!

He stayed leaned over the table for what seemed like forever.  Shaking his head and simply disgusted.  :(

I have this all on video, but he asked me not to show it, so I have to abide by his request.  You should see his face, though - he was in shock!

As we all stood there in silence, Rustys' Owners all of a sudden announced they would draw another name!  Everyone cheered and clapped (well, except Chase).  The balls would be worth $500 each instead of $1,000 but we were all still excited.

Then something amazing happened.

Chase's name was called again!

It wasn't our raffle ticket (again, ugh, lol), but we were happy he got called again so he had a chance to redeem that brutal miscue and possibly win some more money that he was due in the previous rack.

And guess what?

Chase broke and ran 8 balls and ironically won $4,000 that rack!!

I love me some what an awesome Pool God intervention.  :)

Total:  Chase is now $7,000 richer.  Congrat's on the runs, Chase!  (and next time pull our tickets!)

Here's a quick recap of how the break contest works:

Raffle Tickets:
  • Every entrant into the Tuesday night tournament gets one raffle ticket into the break contest.

  • But entrants can also buy raffle tickets for $1 per ticket for more chances to get drawn.  Players in the tournament can buy as many raffle tickets as they want to.  And friends can support the players by buying them raffle tickets, also.
The Break:
  • Usually only one name is picked per Tuesday.
  • If your name happens to be picked, you break a rack of nine on the 8foot table.
  • If you make any ball on the break and don't scratch, you get to try and run out.
  • For every ball made AFTER the break, you get the amount of money per ball that was advertised for that night.
  • If you make the nineball on the break, you get paid for that ball automatically, but any other ball on the break, you don't get paid for, BUT, you get to continue shooting and have a chance to run out!
  • So, to be clear, to get paid for all nine balls, you'd have to make the nine on the break and then run out the rest of the rack.
  • If you make two balls on the break and run out the other 7 on the table, you get paid for those 7 balls made.

The Carry Over:
  • Rusty's does not take any money out of the nineball break pots or from the tournament entry fees.
  • Whatever is left in the break contest pot, is carried over to the next Tuesday.
  • The tickets raffled off that night are not carried over to next Tuesday, only the money.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Edgy Movie Role

After seeing Jennifer Barretta's boobs on Episode Three of Big Tony's Quest for U.S. Open Glory, I immediately thought to myself:

"I want to contribute to Big Tony's Quest!"

Well, those weren't my thoughts EXACTLY.  lol.

But I was interested in pushing the envelope like Jen and wondered if "Big Tony" would be interested in little 'ole me being in one of his vids.

(Wait, you didn't see her boobs yet?  And if you don't know who Jen Barretta is, let me personally slap you!)

My friend Andrew Cleary casts himself as "Big Tony" in the video series of "Tony" on his way to the U.S. Open.  The catch is, "Tony" is no pro, not even close to being a pro.  LOL.   The videos are located here:

Cleary (as we all call him) is a phenomenal producer and graphics artist, and very talented - as you will see in his first three episodes.  While he may not be the best actor, lmao (who is, tho?), he is the master behind this series! 

From the Examiner:
Big Tony has a dream... to win the US Open 9-Ball Championship. This dream has become a quest for him, and on his journey he is laying out his steps in video for the world to be a part of it.

In reality, this video series is a hilarious look at one man, the game of billiards, and a story of someone who has lived vicariously through big dreams, but never seeing them come to fruition.

A scene from Episode 1:

Big Tony is lying in bed with his wife as she reads a book.

(Tony) "Im going to win the US Open"
(Tony's Wife) "I didn't think you played tennis."
(Tony) "I don't... uhhh, it's the US Open 9-Ball Championship... pool."
(Tony's Wife) "Well, whatever, you play pool just about as good as you play tennis."

In just three episodes, we see that Tony is no match for the pros, but his journey is going to be fun to watch!

Being the sucker for attention that I am (what?  you hadn't noticed, lol!) I decided to contact Cleary and feel Big Tony out.

Hey Cleary,

It's Melinda (akaTrigger). 

Being the ham I am, I would love to do something out of the box for one of your Tony episodes.  If I have to wait until Vegas, I will.  Maybe by then you can come up with somethin extra cool and bad!"

He immediately responded:
Hey! I'm actually thinking a of doing a Vegas one too. Not sure what you want to do or willing to do lol! I like to keep it on the edge! Hahaha

I reply:
I am willing to help keep it on the edge!  Give me some gross, sexy, edgy ideas and I can let you know which one(s) I will do!  hehe.

He shares:
Hahaha I like your style trigger! I'll start to think about it. If I end up naked, remember, this was your idea! Lololol.  It's Vegas so the sky is the limit in crazy $hit.

We emailed back and forth, but I can't share anymore details with you.  Suffice it to say, I sent him a little script that we both like - and we keep adding "edgy" to it!  :)

I'd like to tell you, but What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.  Well, until the video comes out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 2010 Tourney Descriptions

Dec Scotch Dallas - Second Place!
Sept Arlington Ladies Tour - Pleased!
Texas Open - unforgettable
Women's US Open - Match One, Two, Three - Priceless
July Magoo's Ladies Tour - Surprised and Happy
June Dallas Ladies Tour - absent
May BCAPL Singles - Happy!
May BCAPL Scotch - Ecstatic!
May BCAPL Teams - Yay!
Apr Austin Ladies Tour - okay.
Mar BCAPL 8Ball State - Rollercoaster
Mar Temple LoneStar - eh
Mar Casper's Ladies Tour - Elated!
Feb Reno Bar Table - Dismal
Jan Arlington Ladies Tour - Rough
Jan Zach's Tourney - Cool

My Fav Pool Room

My beautiful and talented friend, GG (Gail Glazebrook), is this month's PoolSynergy Host.  She wants us to share our FAV Pool Room.  Well, mine is easy - Rusty's Billiards

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, this pool room has a great atmosphere for someone like me who loves a a pool room that takes care of REAL pool players. 

It may seem minimal, but it isn't. We all have been to rooms that the owners don't care for the real pool players. They don't fix poor lighting, even unlevel tables, refelt cloth, have decent sets of balls, let weekend warriors smoke and drink over tables, etc. When you find a good pool room like Rusty's, it's a Godsend!

Rusty's has plenty of 9 foots to satisfy my quench for the big table; tough tournaments to strengthen my game; hosts a lot of talented players; puts the players first; and they even have parties!  LOL.  I have been going there for over ten years and although they are a semi-sponsor of mine, I'd still write about them today as my FAV pool room even if they weren't.  :)  That's how much I love it there.

Good people, good 9-foot tables, good service, friendly atmosphere, good hours, good tournaments, good players, parties for the regulars.  What more does any true pool player need? 

As a matter of fact, I happened to video tape one of their VIPPP Parties last November.  Enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Do People Do This?

I ventured to a pool room on Tuesday night that I hadn't been to in a long time.  A friend of mine was in a gambling match and I went to sweat it.

The room was as small as I remembered but boy was it SUPER smokey.  Ugh.  I had NOT remembered that part.  It sucked for me, as a non smoker.  It didn't help that all of the tables were being used for a league.  ALL tables.  That's a lot of players.  And I swear they were all smoking!

After an hour, the gambling match finally starts because a table opens up.  I sit my butt down near the rail with an almost-midnight-for-my-Birthday-drink and low and behold I had to grab my camera and share with you a very unfortunate sight!

I blocked part of his face out so he's not recognizable (in case anyone from that league thinks I am picking on him) but how does anyone do this?  Smoking over a pool table?  Isn't that sacrilegious?  OMG! 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent Big Tourney Decisions

The WPBA is hosting the Regional Tour Championship (RTC) again.  This year at the end of March in Houston, Texas at Bogies Billiards!  This $100-entry fee, $6,000-added tourney will be a little different than most years (not round robin, for example), but basically it's a cream-of-the-crop tourney for aspiring pros.... and the top 8 finishers in Houston will receive a spot on the WPBA Tour this year!

First, 29 WPBA pro players are invited to play in the RTC (those that didn't get a spot in 2011 because the WPBA reduced their tourneys from 64 players to 48 players).  Secondly, the regional women's tours get a certain # of invites, also.  The # of invites for each tour is different because it's calculated using a percentage of paid WPBA members on each tour.  There are 9 tours in good standing and the OB Cues Ladies Tour received 16 invitations.  In comparison, and only for example, the Arizona Women's Tour and West Coast Women's Tour each get 4 invites.

A total of 93 players will be invited.  I am one of those, because I finished the year 9th on the OB Cues Ladies Tour. 

But... I decided to decline the invitation. 

It pains me a little bit to turn down an invite to an event so close to home (this pool room is only about 4 hours away).  Heck, last year if I went I would have had to travel to California!  But, I can't see myself taking two days of vacation and spending travel expenses to attend an event against pros when I haven't even competed in any regional tour events since last September. 

The event is starting Thursday evening because the pool room does not have enough nine foot tables to finish the event in three days or less.  If I could drive down Friday night, I *might* consider throwing my hat into the mix (and stop using excuses why I wont attend, lol). 

My Mom being the hospital (I'm her caretaker) for over 90 days (she just got out Jan 7th) has put a different perspective on everything right now.  I'm not complaining, just saying some things have shifted.  I was away from playing competitively in regional tours and big tourneys since September.  I currently lack the desire to compete right now.  And I have always disliked playing against pros, anyway.  Lol.

As many of you know because I do not wish to compete on the pro tour, I struggled back and forth back in July 2010 on if I should accept the invite to play in the WPBA U.S. Open.  I love pool, but I do not have the time to dedicate to it to become a top player.  I am a realist.  Yes, this RTC tourney would be another great experience, as was the U.S. Open, but I just am not interested at this point in my life to travel down there and spend money to compete for a Tour Card when playing on the Pro Tour is not top priority right now.


You mighta heard about the Ultimate 10 Ball Championship that is being held in Dallas.  Hey, I live in the Fort Worth/Dallas metro-plex!  This $150-entry fee, $15,000-guaranteed added for the women's division is being held April 21-24, first round matches on Friday morning (alongside there is a men's division with $35,000 guaranteed added). 

The women's division is being considered a WPBA Satellite Tournament which means each of the top 48 WPBA Pros will get an invite to this event.  Well, I received one of the promoter spots! 

Even though I am passing on the Houston tourney to play with the pros, ironically, I am excited about this tourney!  It's right in my back yard so I only have to take off one day from work, wont have hotel expenses, and wont have to travel far to the event.  I think it will be a great event and a wonderful experience for me. 

I guess it's pretty obvious convenience is key right now for me, huh?  If this event had been held in another state (heck maybe even another big city in Texas), I wouldn't have gone because of the travel time, travel cost, and I would have had to use an extra vacation day. 

My name is already on the list!  :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smoke Square on Video!

My friend Amy can blow a smoke SQUARE, not just a smoke circle like most people can do.  Check this out!  She let me capture it on video for my blog for you all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Billiard Magazines

I checked the mail today... in the snow.  Yes, I risked my life.  You may think that's funny but in north Texas, we don't know how to handle snow!   lol

Here is my path to the mailbox: 

In the mail I received my Billiards Digest of the month, one bill, and some ads.

I put the mail on the counter, walked upstairs to my puter, and then it dawned on me.... since I retired from being a Board Member of the OB Cues Tour, I haven't really even opened up any of the billiard magazines.  I used to check all of the magazines every month religiously to make sure the tour was covered (I was the media person and sent in the articles, calendar, and press releases). 

I fully admit I would rush to check the magazines for coverage if I won an event, lol, but I haven't won any recently. 

I am fully surprised I haven't even cracked open the plastic wrappers of the billiard magazines in over a year.  I don't even know if I get Pool and Billiard magazine anymore. 

Wow.  And I liked reading some of the instructional articles and coverage of big tourneys.... 

In the meantime of me contemplating this, here is a cool snowman on a car we saw while driving to the store:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Trigger Namesake!

I am SO excited!  I have my first-ever Trigger namesake!  I have wanted one for soooo long and finally got it.

My friend Noel Torres mentioned to me at a pool tourney one day that he engraved words into metal for key chains, chalk holders, whatever you wanted.  "Personalized Tags" he called them.  They are awesome!  He showed me his own engraved chalk holder that he made - it has his AZB "handle" engraved, "pooljunkie4ever."  It's the kind of chalk holder where you put the long end in your pocket and the chalk hangs out:

I don't put my chalk in my pocket, but I was so excited he could make me a key chain that was engraved with 'whatever I wanted.'  I knew immediately I'd hang it from my pool case!  Of course, he knows me as akaTrigger on the forums so he suggested it before I stated my same thoughts out loud to him, lol, but I was already WAY ahead of him as I have been wanting something like this for a long time.

I thought it would take a while... but less than one week later he sends me a note, "hey, what's your address?" 

Already?  Wow!

Then less than two days later, it was in my mailbox.  I immediately opened it, put it on my pool case, and took photos (being the person I am, lol) so I could share this with you all.

Check out my first Trigger key chain!

Noel does such an awesome job!  Obviously, right?  If you are interested, let me know or contact him via the forums. It takes less than a week and the price is perfect-o.

You wont be disappointed, just like I wasn't.  :)

Thank you, Noel!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Friendship versus Competition

Last Fall, I didn't get to attend any out-of-town Women's Tourneys.  One event in November, I *could* have attended, knowing my Mom was being taken care of in the hospital and was in good condition. 

'Good condition' means she is awake, doing well, and just still not 100% back on her feet from her emphysema.

A few friends told me, "I know your Mom is still in the hospital, but we want to see you and she is doing okay.  AND, it will be good for you." 

While I completely agreed, I knew in my heart I wouldn't compete well.  Then it dawned on me:  I didn't really care about how I would finish in the tourney (even though I did care about how my year ranking would end), but I also knew deep down in my heart seeing friends might be a good thing for my mind and soul.  It had been a tough few months and seeing friends would have been awesome, and I wouldn't have cared how I finished in the tourney to be honest.

I didn't go to that tourney, though.  Out of town, almost 6 hours away from Mom.. ugh.  I didn't want to not see her even one day while she was in the hospital, even though she was doing okay.  Her next step would be physical rehabilitation to get walking again (being in bed for 8 weeks at her age, leads to legs not wanting to work properly).

But I still didn't go.

Then in Prevention Magazine I read in the section "Smart health habits can extend active, joyful midlife indefinitely."  Specifically, one piece says:  ""Friends Save Lives."

"(snip).... Surrounding yourself with cheerful companions can be especially beneficial.  In a surprising report last year, James H. Fowler, PhD, an associate professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, (gotta put his credentials) showed that happiness spreads though social networks, affecting not only friends but also friend of friends.  "Our research showed that a person is 15% more likely to be happy if a close contact is happy and well, " he explains.""

I think I already knew that.  I knew a weekend away from stress would be good for me,  but I *just* *couldn't* *leave* *Mom* no matter how many of my friends, my gut, and (and Dr. Fowler) said I should.

But... if you can get away from stress and get near your friends.... then be like Nike and JUST DO IT!