As I mentioned in early 2017, I will be a regular contributor to the online magazine, Billiard Buzz!

The goal is to interview people who have overcome odds, and/or are in the billiard industry. I'm SO enjoying this!

So, wanted to capture all the interviews and links in one place:


December Issue:
The December issue of Billiard Buzz is out and this time I was able to interview the Ashton Twins! Omg, are we lucky or what?! Beverley Ashton and Joanne Ashton are true gems and anyone that has met them enjoys their amazing personalities and always has a fun time! See how these two are an integral part of the pool realm.
BTW, I conducted this interview a little different – I interviewed the sisters separately! They had no idea how the other replied. Check out how that went.

November Issue:
Hey, it's a new month. You know what that means, right? New interview! The November issue of Billiards Buzz hit the streets yesterday, so I can officially announce I am honored I was able to interview the gracious and extraordinary player (on and off the table), Dan Louie!
For those that know Dan, this interview will reinforce what a great guy he is, and also bring back memories from 40 years ago. And if you haven't met Dan yet, you will love hearing his story (I promise).

October Issue: 
It's that time again... the latest issue of Billiards Buzz is out! In this October issue I interviewed my friend and fellow pool player Cristina Delagarza Schneider. You will be VERY surprised by this interview. I will paste what the Editor, Mike Howerton stated: "One of the big advantages in an online publication like this one, is that page count is not a concern. It would be hard for a print publication to devote that much space to an interview like this one, but it is really a very enlightening interview when it comes to the differences between US and European pool and what it is like to live the life of a pro player."

September Issue: 
This month Steve Lipsky graciously said yes when I asked if I could interview him. 
I am over the moon with this interview - his responses are funny, thought-provoking, and said in a way I am enamored by. I can't wait for you all to read it - you will see for yourself why this interview is priceless. 

 June Issue:
The June issue of Billiard Buzz is now available and I was very happy to get to interview a true representative of our sport, Jeremy Jones! Check it out today and get to know Jeremy better! You won't be disappointed; I promise.

April Issue:
I was lucky enough to get to interview my friend (of almost 20 years) and esteemed billiards author of the Play Your Best Pool books (and more!) for the April 2019 edition of Billiard Buzz! I hope you enjoy learning more about Phil Capelle, all he has done for pool, and his long list of ideas for the future!

March Issue: 
I was lucky to get to interview one of the best guys around the pool scene, Gordy Vanderveer! If you don't know him, you are missing out, as he is wonderful to be around with a contagious, positive, fun attitude and a very knowledgeable pool game (that he is passing on through "SLA" - read about it in the interview). Even if you do know him, you'll enjoy this interview, too. Thank you so much, Gordy!! 

February Issue:
Mike Howerton turned the tables and interviewed me for Billiard Buzz.  
If you have some time set aside, here is the link to it. I say that because it is kinda long. Sorry - I had a lot to say, lol!

WooHoo! The first edition of 2019 for the online magazine Billiard Buzz is out and this month I am so excited to share that I was able to capture an interview the awesome and amazing Tina Malm! We have been friends a long time and I have learned so much from her on and off the table, so I was elated when she said yes to be interviewed, so you all could get to know her better, also! You are in for a treat!

Well, Christmas came early for me... My DREAM interview came true! I've always wanted to interview these two guys together and this month it became a reality! HUGE thank you to Chip Compton and Joey Gray for allowing me to interview them both for this month's Billiard Buzz magazine. I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them better! I have been a huge fan for years and I am truly happy you all get to know them better, also! 

The November issue is out and this month I interviewed the elusive Mike Howerton of for the online magazine, Billiard Buzz! I am so excited for you all to learn how AzB became the most popular billiards website! And, we also get to find out more about my good friend, Mike - the man behind the creation of AzB, his thoughts on the industry, and all he does for the pool community. I know this wasn't easy for Mike to come out of his shell, so I was very thankful!

October Issue: The October issue of the magazine 'Billiard Buzz' is out and this month I interviewed custom cuemaker Jerry Olivier from Houston! You've seen his cues across the country, now meet the man behind them.

September Issue:  Look who said yes to being interviewed! Shannon Daulton! I was so ecstatic, as I've been following his success for YEARS. I know you all will enjoy getting to know Shannon more, just like I did. Thank you again, Shannon! Such a treat working with you. 

August Issue:  This month I interview the amazing and inspiring Toddy Deatherage! You will be just as surprised as I was with this interview with Toddy. Thank you Toddy for sharing your life with us!

July Issue:  The funny and clever Andrew Cleary was my July interviewee.  It was so fun seeing his answers after each version of the interview!  This is a treat, check it out!  BTW, he's the only one so far who took photos just for the interview.  Funny guy!

June Issue:  Well, the hardest interview for me yet is now online for Billiard Buzz magazine. I first interviewed David Faver back in September 2017 - the day he had brain cancer surgery, and I would occasionally ask him clarification questions over the following eight months. He shared with me that he didn’t want me to put the interview in the magazine until after he passed away. I kept that wish (and many others), including Dave’s request that I title this “The Life of a Pool Player.” I think you all will be very surprised by Dave's responses. Gosh I miss you, Dave

May Issue:  Female professional player Melissa Herndon!   I was lucky enough to capture an interview with the great woman and professional pool player, Melissa Herndon! I'm so glad she said yes! We get to know her likes, personality, and her strong presence on the pool table and off. Thank you, Melissa Herndon!

April Issue:  So, who was my next victim... I mean, err, interviewee?  Tam Trinh!  She's an entrepreneur and up-coming pool player out of Texas.  Her ability to create quality and thoughtful custom pool paraphernalia is pretty awesome.  Read the article here about her and her business!

March Issue:  Charlie "Papa Red" Smith!  This months interview is THE most impactful interview I have conducted. As the editor (Mike Howerton) stated, "We dare you to keep dry eyes while reading Melinda Bailey's interview with Charlie Smith." I want to thank Charlie for agreeing to let me delve into his humor, learn more about his loving wife Nancy, and share boldly the many tough times they have been through. You will be surprised, I promise.

February Issue:  Here's something cool - Find out more about Charlie Bryant! Charlie ("The Hillbilly") Bryant said yes to be interviewed for my column in the online magazine, Billiard Buzz, and I'm SO excited. It's a REALLY great article and I highly recommend it! Charlie is a huge advocate for our sport, and does a lot for pool that most people aren't even aware of. Find out more about him and his wife, Heather Bryant, here:

January Issue:  Janet Ybarra is a friend and teammate for years, but she's also an ambassador of pool that not many people realize how much she does for the pool community.   Find out how busy this woman is in the pool-arena and how effective her perspective is to be able to be involved in so many different aspects of the pool community effectively!


2017 December Issue: Don Akerlow graciously let me interview him (and his wife Mary) for the December issue of the online magazine, Billiard Buzz.  Find out about their integral and important paths throughout the billiard scene across the USA all of these years and also what is going on with them lately.  Thank you, Don!
November Issue:  Melanie Archer!!  Another exciting moment for me when Melanie Archer (Johhny Archer's wife) agreed to being interviewed.  I was even MORE excited when I read her responses.  OMGosh we can learn so much from this busy woman!  Check out the article HERE.

October Issue:  Mike Page of Fargo Rate said YES to letting me pick his brain about himself and FargoRate.  This is has been the MOST shared interview yet!  Find out for yourself why everyone was interested in the article.

September Issue:  I was SO excited to get to interview the awesome professional player Dennis HatchHe's not only one of the best players around, he's also one of the nicest gentleman around, too.  Read all about how he became into the man he is today.
August Issue:  My friend and fellow player Aimee Peterson has an amazing story of determination to share, so I was very happy she accept my invite to interview her
July issue:  Interview my first industry person.  Mike Panozzo!   I've always enjoyed his outlook on life and his mentor-ship.  So glad he said yes!

June issue:  Interviewed Jake Hulsey! Cuemaker from Texas, with an amazing story and helpful advice for all... in many aspects of life.
May issue:  Interviewed Fred Pankey!  Oldest pool player I know!  Lived during the Depression and still goes to the pool room weekly to hang out with his friends.
April Issue:  Interviewed Rachel Hurst!  Survivalist and amazing woman who provides valuable advice in life.

Feb/March issue:  Interviewed Robley Fontenot.  Awesome spirit and great competitor who loves the game.

Jan issue:   Interviewed Tony Sulsar.  Favorite player by many, but tough and talented on the table.

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