Saturday, December 19, 2009

OB Ladies Tour Last Stop in Pictures

The Championship Stop of the OB Cues Ladies Tour was held at Legend's Billiards in League City in Nov 2009. After describing my tournament (I didn't place well), and talking about how I still made it in the top ten for the year (yay!) and after reflecting on one of my streamed matches of the event (woo-hoo), it's time to finally talk about another reason the tournaments are so much fun: FRIENDS!

Here is Samm Diep and I. She hadn't been to a one of the OB Stops in a while and it was SO great to see her again. Check out her website at:

Here is a group toast to Lisa Marr's Birthday. Yea, she's kinda holding her beer like a trophy and we aren't sure why. LMAO!

Here is the toast of drinks! That's a plethora of drinks!

And our lovely and talented waitress! She takes care of me. I luv her!

Me and one of my best buds, Rebecca. She is awesome and we finally had a chance to hang out for once!

Another toast? Eeeek!

Me and Amanda - had to get our regular photo op in! She placed 2nd in the tourney - she's awesome!

My dear friend Ming Ng now lives in Houston so she was able to join us. It was so good to see her again!

Me and Lucille. She is a phenomenal woman who gives me great advice about my Mom. I miss seeing her around the tourneys.

Tara and I drove together and we had passengers ride with us in the back seat- the Most Improved Player trophy and the Tour Champion trophy. Lisa Henderson-Major won the MIP with my dear friend Ashley Nandrasy coming in a close second to getting it, Lisa Marr won the Tour Champion again. They all deserve the props!

It was a great year and another great season. Although this is the year I made the tough decision to retire from the board, it was still a memorable year full of fun times, good pool, learning experiences, and great friends!

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