Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mosconi Cup - where do i begin?

How do I even begin to write about my experience at the Mosconi Cup? My first time at the Mosconi Cup! My first experience with witnessing this amazing atmosphere!

Show the photos? (I took a lot)
Give a timeline? (I did more than watch the matches)
Give a play by play? (that'd be tough)
Describe the players? (it was so cool to watch them for 4 days!)
Share aha moments? (had a few)
Meeting of new friends? (nice peeps!)
Hanging with good friends (nice dinners!)
Meeting famous people? (I was in Vegas, after all)
Show the video clips I took? (one of Dennis, one of Oscar)

Where do I begin???

Well , how about I begin with the result: USA won! The boys brought it home for us this year! First time since 2006 I believe. They played very well, very passionately, very smart, and very determined.

USA defeated the Europeans 11-7!!

I will share more later, but let me take a moment to say that going to the Mosconi Cup at the last minute was one of the best decisions of my life. It truly was an amazing experience. To be right there for live tv at one of the biggest pool events of the year, with the crowd going crazy, the players showing emotion, the bright lights, the warm reception by everyone in attendance, the fun atmosphere... was simply amazing.

As I sat there on the front row during the first match, it hit me: I was speechless! I looked around and could not believe I was really there, witnessing this amazing event, right there in front of me - in person! I was in awe. The excitement of the room was contagious and almost overwhelming - it was that much fun and intense all in one!

More to come....


Johnny said...

I've been watching all the matches on youtube and it was a fantastic event!! And really - can anyone say enough about Dennis Hatch?!?!

Unknown said...

Hey Melinda,

I was on the edge of my seat watching the coverage on-line and can only imagine what the energy in the event room felt like!

You did have a great seat for the event. I saw you a couple times when the camera panned the crowd. The pics you took were fab and I sooo have to make it to a future Mosconi Cup.

See ya when the OB Cues Tour starts back up and Merry Christmas! Jennifer Pavlovick