Thursday, December 3, 2009

New League

I had my first night of my new league last night. I admit, I was dreading it. I really don't like league. I only do it to qualify for Vegas. While it is totally worth BCAPL, in the meantime I struggle with the effort to go to the evening sessions. It's a chore. I don't normally talk negatively about things, so I apologize.

To top it off, I only had three hours of sleep the night before AND my arm was still hurting. So, ugh.

However, last night was a complete surprise!

Even though I got lost on the way there (I hadn't been to that pool room before), it turns out it's only 25 minutes from my house! Woo-Woo! I can't even begin to explain how ecstatic I am about that! I drove to Dallas for three years, an HOUR each way on evenings for league there. I wouldn't get home until midnight or later and because I work day shifts, it was pretty tough on me. While I really enjoyed seeing my friends, it was still brutal on me physically (yea, I'm a wimp). But this league pool room is so much closer! I was home before 11pm! And, it's not a traveling league - ahhh.... the good things in life!

To add to my excitement, the dues due (lol) were only $6. SIX DOLLARS? I haven't paid less than $15 in like 5 years! OMG!

Then I found out even with my achy arm I was still able to play fairly decently. :) Our team won and I met some new peeps and saw some old friends.

Oh... what a bonus league night turned out to be. :) I really like this league!

It was also the first night our Vegas BCAPL Team was all together and it was cool to see how our chemistry would be. Seems it's gonna be great! We are all alike - don't smile naturally (but don't let that fool you - we are having fun!), love pool, play good, want to win, and want to have fun.

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