Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Straight Pool League Goal

My second straight pool season ended with a bang! I am SO happy! I couldn't wait for the stats to come out because I wanted to see how I fared in my division.

There are three stats that are kept for the league and the league lists the top 5 in each of these three categories:
  • Wins versus Loses (W/L)
  • Balls Per Inning and (BPI)
  • Hi Run
I knew it would be close - I knew there was a chance I might make it in the top 5 of each category, but I wouldn't know for sure until the final stats came out.

Ugh! The waiting was killing me!

Then finally... the email came... and I did it!
  • I am in 4th place for Wins versus Loses.
  • I am in 5th place for Balls Per Inning.
  • I am in 3rd place for Hi Run.
I did it!

Even though there are only 14 players in my division (btw, we race to 100), I made the top 5 in each category this season. :)

Specifically (now don't laugh at these stats!!), my W/L was 10/3, my BPI was 2.10 and my Hi Run was 19.

I don't know how I will do next season, though (it has already started but I haven't played a match yet). I'm going to be busy with going out of town a lot and also playing on my other league for BCAPL, so getting my matches in will be tough. Can I possibly get in the top 5 of each category this season, too? I don't think I can to be honest, but we will see what happens. BUT, I am very happy about this previous season! My goal was to beat my previous high run and I did that, but I admit another little goal as the season went along was to see if I could get in the top 5 of those categories.


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