Thursday, December 3, 2009

Arm Update

After my run-in with the kitchen cabinets and wet floor, my arm still hurt bad enough that I forged many calls yesterday to go try and see a doctor. Well, that and my fellow blogger friends like poolriah , Samm and John, and some close friends were urging me to go get it checked out (thank you to my friends and Mom for pushing me!). It surprises me how concerned I was over it last week and now that it doesn't feel as bad, I hide from the doctor. Typical, I guess.

Trying to make an appointment was in itself a nightmare. I couldn't get in to see my doctor b/c they *thought* I hadn't seen him in 2 years so now I was considered a new patient. There wasn't an opening for a new patient until until Feb 16th. FEB?! What if I had the flu? Or needed some sort of life saving shot? Or something? FEB??!! They transferred me to an orthopedic surgeon b/c they thought maybe I could get in sooner. I could! Jan 13th! Yay. WTH-ever.

I called back to my doc's office b/c I knew in my gut I had seen him at least once in the last two years. I remember going right after my Dad passed. Well, evidently I was talking to a "new girl" earlier in the day and she didn't check my records "right" and yes indeed I was NOT a new patient and therefore could be seen earlier. UGh. But, thank goodness!

"How about tomorrow at 930am?" the dear angel asks me.

I almost fell out of my chair at work. "Yes, yes!"

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I'm back from the doc now, as I write this. He made me do some weird movements with my arm; asked me some questions; listened to my heart (wait, is that for arm problems?).

He says I don't have a rotator cuff issue and thinks I just tore my muscle or tendon. Told me to not lift heavy things (no worries there); told me to rest it (no worries there); called me in a prescription because of the pain (an anti-inflammatory); and told me to come back to see him if it doesn't feel better in a couple of weeks. He thinks it just needs to heal and I should be fine!

He says my pool career is not over. Whew! What a guy. Turns out we graduated from the same college, the same year. Go figure.

So, that is my arm update. I will rest it and not worry as much now.

Thank goodness I am right handed because it's my left arm that is hurt. It'd be a lot tougher to rest it if it was my right arm that I hurt. Of course, that's why I am so worried - b/c I shoot left handed.

Thank you for all the concerns!

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Anonymous said...

glad nothing is broken. rest up & get better!