Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Women's League Stats

The Top Shooter in my women's league, Courtney Evans, (you go girl!) is a statematician and so she got me looking at my stats, too.  Okay, she's really not a statematician (a word I just made up), but she loves to look at stats and keep up with stats and compare stats.

So, thought I would copy cat her and see/share what happened in my women's league comparing my stats this year with last year.

Before I compare my year, I'd like to share Courtney's.  It's her first time to get Top Shooter so she deserves a shout out!  Her percentage last year was 68.7% and she jumped to 78.1% this year to get the top spot in the rankings!  Congrat's, Courtney!  She's da bomb and I'm so happy for her!

Looking at my two years on the league:
In 2013 Season, I played 85 games.
Wins:  64
Losses:  21
Break and Runs:  4
Rack and Runs:  4
Five and 0s:  5

Standings in 2013 Season:
Wins/Losses %:  75.3 %:  2nd place in the rankings!
Break and Runs:  1st place!
Rack and Runs:  1st place!
Five and 0s: 2nd place!

In 2014 Season, I played 96 games.
Wins:  74
Losses:  22
Break and Runs:  1
Rack and Runs:  7
Five and 0s:  5

Standings in 2014 Season:
Wins/Losses %:  77.08%:  2nd place in the rankings!
Break and Runs:  Tied for 2nd place (bad year for break and runs)
Rack and Runs:  1st place! (hellava year for rack and runs!)
Five and 0s:  Tied for 1st place (with Courtney!)

Comparatively, what does all this mean?  I guess I'm consistent?  :)

BTW, here is Courtney and I (1st place in the standings and 2nd place in the standings and teammates!)

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baabbzz said...

First of, awesome picture and second thank you for sharing and all of your wonderful comments! Consistant......that's what I am trying to accomplish :)