Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home Cue Repair Kit

Here I was thinking I found a GEM the other day at a garage sale and it turns out, this thing is for sale TODAY!

I had no idea that there was some kind of Home Cue Repair Kit available.  This one I found is called the Tweeten Home Cue Repair Kit.

I know the owner had this kit for over 30 years and never even opened the box.  So I thought I found a treasure!  And almost called the Antique Road Show (just kidding).

Here are the photos of my not-so-old-after-all treasure:

When I did a search of it for this blog post, I found out you can but this at Sears, on, and any billiards dealer website.  For example, over at Ozone Billiards.

The box on the websites even looks old!

The kit includes:
  • 12 Elk Master leather cue tips 13mm
  • Tube Cue Tip Cement, with oval eye tube closer
  • Billiard cloth spots and mending tissue, gummed one side, moisten and attach like postage stamp
  • Cue tip trimmer, curved to shape the tip properly, with extra sandpaper
  • Plastic cue tip clamp, to use when re-tipping cues.
  • 3 Master blue chalk cubes

And on the website, this particular kit got great reviews!

So, instead of me sharing my good news about my secret, awesome, antique-find, I'm just going to recommend this home cue repair kit if you want to put cuetips on yourself.  ;)

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