Saturday, February 8, 2014

Funny Stats

I felt weird / funny / awkward / moved the other day when one of my friends shared with me what happened when she showed her boyfriend her stats in league.

She shared the league stats with him because she was in first place in the individual standings!  She was very proud of herself, AS SHE SHOULD BE!

Being in first place in anything is not easy to achieve!

However, his response threw her off guard.

The stats included everything - team standings, individual standings, who has 5-0's, who has table runs, and who has break and runs.

She waited anxiously for his response.

He finally responded:  "Wow, Melinda has SEVEN rack and runs!  That's pretty impressive no matter what league you are on!"



I hadn't really thought about it before....  it made the stat really shine in my eyes after he said that. 

Wish he would have said something first about her being in first place, though.

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