Thursday, February 20, 2014

Showing the Love with Glitter (video clip)

A few months ago on our Thursday night league, my women's team played against a newly-formed women's team.  They have all played the league before but decided to form their own, new team.

I think we won a few games and then someone on their team won a game.  The player walks over to their teammates and she high-fives her teammate.

Sounds normal, right?

Well, what wasn't normal was all this glitter started to fall from their hands!

What the heck??

Turns out, to celebrate their wins with more enthusiasm, one of the players puts glitter in their palm, waits for the winning player to come over, they high five, and glitter goes all the place!

The laughed and were smiling and having SO much fun!

The team is all about improving, having fun, and drama-free.  And it was VERY evident!

I of course asked them to make me a video for my blog so I could share this all with you!   :)

While this is "staged," it still shows how they would do the glitter high-five!

BTW, the team finished in the top five for the season!!  Congrats, Ladies!

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