Saturday, February 1, 2014

Los Borrachos #2

I wrote the other day how I just recently googled my Sunday's team name and found out Los Borrachos means "the Drunks."  (lol, still laughing about this!)

So I mentioned to my captain and a teammate the following Sunday that I looked up our team name and just found out we were the drunks!

The all laughed at me and said, "You didn't know?"

"Nope, I had no idea.  And I even know some Spanish!"

"This didn't give it away?" as they pointed to something on their team shirt.

"Wait, what is that?  Three drunk mexicans?"

"Yep!" they tell me laughing.

I laughed also and then asked, "Have you worn this shirt before?"

"Um, we wear them every Sunday, and we even wore them all last year."

I've NEVER even noticed that before.

Oops, lol.

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