Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where Is the Family?

I used to really enjoy playing on this Tour that I play on, but lately, I don't feel very comfy there.

It used to feel like family, but now it's just uncomfortableness.

Two of the players who help run the tour wont even speak to me (for whatever reason) and so I have this nagging feeling that I am not welcomed by them.

I used to speak up about things, but instead of them seeing it as being helpful, they get defensive and tell me how I shouldn't speak up.  I am only looking out for the players and the sponsors and the tour.  I admit I prolly wasn't tactful (even though I was NEVER rude) but to hear everyone else complain and I was the only one to speak up, I guess this is the type of treatment I will get in return.

I stood there recently trying to tell someone my score.  Well, the girl who was helping wont speak to me so how am I suppose to give my score?  And what kind of Representative is that anyway?

A Tour should be run as a business and no favoritism should be shown or felt.  Instead, I feel like I am not wanted.

Hard to play pool in that kind of environment.

While some of the players who run the tour love me to death and would never say anything to hurt me, I appreciate that and them!!  But everyone should make everyone feel welcomed.

Instead, it seems like a clique now. 

Even the defintion is negative in tone:  "a small, exclusive group of people;"

And I'm sure I'll get chastised for speaking my opinion here.  I have not said one ill word til this blog post, even though I've wanted to express how I wish my friends would get more recognition from the Tour.  But I have said before I can't just write about all the good things all the time in my blog if I'm going to be true to myself and my readers.

I will still play.  I will continue to feel uncomfortable but at least I have a lot of friends who play in the tournament that make me feel very welcomed!

Maybe it's all me.  I did turn into a turtle when my Mom passed and I wasn't very talkative or "smiley" for the last two years.

Just no fun anymore.  Tough for me to admit that when I have been a part of the Tour in some way or fashion for 20 years.

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