Thursday, February 6, 2014

Slow Down!

I placed 13th out of 52 ladies at the first OB Cues Ladies Tour stop of 2014.

This was held at Rusty's Billiards in Arlington, Texas, right in my backyard (well, 20 minutes away from my house but considering the size of Texas, that's pretty much in my back yard!).  I love playing there because they have a NON-SMOKING side to their pool room.  Woo-woo!

I got a bye, then struggled in my next match against a friend of mine who has really improved!  She had my heart racing for sure!  About 5 hours later I played again.  I struggled through this match, too.  I had two 9-ball on the breaks and one break and run to help go hill-hill, but I scratched on a hreatbreaking 7ball hill-hill and it cost me the match (obviously).

I was then one of the final matches of the evening and somehow managed to recover from sloppy play to playing better and won 7-4.  I was in til Sunday!  But, my Sunday morning match was NOT going to be easy.  I would for sure need to come with it, as I was playing my friend and Florida Champ, Jeannie Seaver.

First game was a safety battle that she won.  I missed a draw into the 9 the second game, then missed a 4 ball, 6 ball, and she would run out each time.  I was VERY frustrated.  Then she broke and ran to make it 0-5.  Ouch!

I went to the bathroom real quick and was very disappointed in myself as I looked at myself in the mirror.

On of my friends came out of the stall and I told her that and she said, "I can tell you are frustrated.  Just breathe and slow down."

I washed my hands and got back to the table quickly.

Wait, slow down?

I was shooting fast?


I don't normally do that.


She missed and I ran out beautifully, taking my time!

 Me....In my match

I then had another shot the next game and again ran out well, taking my time!

Hey, look at this!

I broke dry and she ran out.


Then I was given a 3-9 combo.

Score 3-6.

But alas, she broke and ran the last rack and I my tournament life was finished.

13th out of 52 players really isn't that bad, but I didn't even play to my potential.  So, I'm disappointed in that part.  However, I am happy I recovered in ALL of my matches.  I am proud of that because I had a lot of mental anguish going on trying to recover from missed shots coupled with life events.

And of course the last match playing fast and seeing the benefit of slowing down was awesome!  I have written many times how it's VERY important to find out what is going on in your match BEFORE it's too late.

In this match, that happened to me.  My opponent was a GREAT shot and she ran out so fast and well, that before I knew it I was down 0-5.  It was WAY too late for me to figure out what was going on and correct it.

And honestly, *I* didn't figure it out - someone else did.

And this shows how I wasn't into my fundamentals, and I was too frustrated and not playing pool.  I admit I was thinking too much and too frustrated to even consider trying to figure out what was going on.  Once someone pointed out I was shooting too fast, it all clicked what was wrong and I slowed down.

And it helped so much!

But, will I figure this out early enough in my future matches?  I normally am good at that, but wasn't on this day.  Gosh I hope pay more attention, but it's tough... I admit!

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