Friday, January 31, 2014

Superman and Superwoman

I played in my league the other Sunday and I was on such a natural high!

I felt good about myself AND was playing great pool, and it just felt, well... euphoric!

I walked around the table confident, playing well, feeling well - it felt wonderful!

I have heard guys say they feel like superman when they are playing really well, so maybe that's what I kinda felt this day? 

You know, when you are playing well, playing smart, feel great about yourself and your game, 100% confident, feel like you can't miss sorta-feeling.

Coupled that with maybe losing weight or feeling great in your clothes, leads to a fantastic sexy / superman feeling!

It's almost like playing in the zone, but it's really a very different feeling.  It's more about feeling good about yourself at the same time that you are playing really great pool.

While I did miss shots, I still played really smart, felt like everyone was watching my shot selections and choices, played good safes, and felt good in my own skin (been a while).  I was really feeling great about my game.  One guy even told me, "You ruined my 6-0."  SAWEET!  :)  I'll take that as a compliment!

I don't feel like superwoman all the time, sometimes I feel like the Hulk or Thing.  But when superwoman does show up I embrace her because it's few and far between lol!

If you have ever felt this way - lucky you!!  You loved it too, right?!

Now, back to my regular human self!

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