Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Don't Have $1,000

At a tournament I attended recently, one of the players from Out of Town (OoT) was playing a Local Player (LP) in the tournament.

A few words were expelled from OoT because he was upset about the way the match was going.

You know the typical:
  • You got lucky
  • Nice roll
  • You got action
The Local Player was miffed at the connotation he only won because of luck.

After hearing right after the match more mumblings and, "you got action," from the OoT, LP finally snipped back, "Action?  You don't even have a thousand dollars in your pocket!"

OoT was shocked.  "What?  You don't know me at all!  We can bet $1,000 or $10,000, we don't care!"

After they put up their cues, LP started to head out the door, not wanting to deal with the OoT and the semi-confrontation anymore.

OoT went up to his friend (Oot2) and told him the story. 

Then OoT2 went up to LP.

"You really don't think we have $1,000?"

"No I don't," stood firm LP.

OoT2 pulled out $1,000 from his front pocket and showed him his roll.

LP replies, "well he said he could play for $10,000."

OoT2 then pulls out $10,000 from his back pocket.

LP walked out of the pool room.

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