Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Statue

I mentioned earlier this month that people have told me they like my demeanor around the table and they appreciate that about my style of play.

I try to show no emotions - especially anger or upsetness. No negative body language or those "disgust" facial expressions we want to make when someone shits in a ball or something.

Well, I did this non-emotion A LOT the other night.


I was a freaking statue!  

I was very proud of myself!

On Saturday night, I got a few hours of practice in on the 9 foot table and then was headed with some friends to a local hangout.  Right as we left the pool room, tho, we heard that "T" (the guy I gambled with back in April) was at another pool hall, so we all went over there to see if he wanted to play me some more.

Long story short, we played again! 

It was funny, because my friend asked him if he wanted to play me and he replies looking at me, "I've only been beat by one girl and I'm going to beat you.  You sure you want to play?" 

Yep, I do!

He didn't know I was the same girl!!  lol.

T was playing better this night, though, and he won the first set for $100.

Then I won the second set hill-hill for $100.



T is the type of player who tries to cheese the 9ball a lot.  He would fire at the 9ball so many times and I would just be standing there solid, holding my cue, not even flinching when he went for them. 

As he fired at all those 9balls, I stood still:  like a statue.  I didn't move at all.  I just waited for my turn.

I didn't act like a child or throw my hands in the air in disgust, or shift my body, nothing.  Not even facial expressions.  You would have thought we were practicing, lol! 

I just let him fire at the 9ball. Most the time he would miss, but that 9ball would travel 3-5 rails and knock other balls in!  I just stood there non-affected, holding my cue, even tho he was getting "lucky." SO proud of myself for not showing emotions or making gestures.

BTW, we played a 3rd set for $300.  I was down 0-2, then up 6-3, then it was tied 6-6.  I was down 7-6, but then won 9-7 for the cash.  :)

Statue baby!

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