Friday, October 25, 2013


Gotta love the OB Cues Ladies Tour!

They give away $5 scratch offs for Break and Runs, and $2 scratch offs for 9 on the snap!

So, I won this baby on Sunday at the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop in Austin in August.  No winner, but I FELT like a winner after I ran out and then got to choose this scratch-off ticket!

But check THESE out!  One of my bestie's Amanda Lampert won ALL of these in one weekend - the OB Cues Ladies stop at Jamaica Joe's in September!  Her and I LOVE Diamond Bar Table tourneys :)

Unfortunately, I think she had only one winning ticket for about $10, but not bad for a freebie!  And pretty freaking impressive she ran out this many times!

The other thing the OB Cues Ladies Tour does is give away prizes during the Players Meeting!  There is a little "Angel" who travels with the tour and buys gift cards, snacks, and treats for the players.  Boxes of Godiva, bowls of fruit, or cans of nuts are at our disposal.

This Angel used to buy Starbucks gift cards, but after the gas prices went up a few years, he instead started to buy Shell gas gift cards - at $50 a pop!  And he buys 4-6 for every stop!

Check me out at Jamaica Joe's:  I won a a $50 gift card in the free raffle!  It was was an AWESOME treat to get $50 in free gas the following Thursday!

A HUGE Thank You to the OB Cues Ladies Tour AND their Angel.  :)

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