Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vegas Camera Plans

As many of you know, I not only travel to tournaments to play in them, but I also take photos at the events.  Me and my Canon Rebel think we are cool and take good pics, lol.  Seeing all the new photographers with their huge lenses on mono-pods makes me realize how amateur I really am when it comes to photos, lol!

Although I think the photos were well received, I have decided to not take my big camera to Vegas this year.

I took photos of the Pros with my big SLR Canon camera in 2006, 2007 and 2010. In 2009 I used my little Kodak digital camera to take fun pics, and did that also in 2010 as well.  While not hi-res photos, they are still fun and coolio!

I mostly took photos to be posted on AZB (but that didn't always come to fruition) and also for my personal website at (but who really goes there?).  I also carried my big camera around to take photos of some of the pros I do websites for.  But, half of those pros wont be in Vegas this year and I can always get photos of them for their websites from the other photographers.

So, I've decided not to figure out how to lug my camera this year on the plane.  And with the cost per baggage, I think it's a good choice in the end anyway.

So, that leaves my little digital camera, right?  Well.... it was kinda stolen in December at a graduation party.  Although I was told it was accidentally taken by a friend of friend, it has yet to appear, even after numerous phone calls and inquisitions. 

So, this means I have to resort to use only my cell phone or go buy a new little camera before I go to Vegas.

My cell phone camera is actually a very good camera, so I just may save $125 and not buy a new little digital camera.  Not 100% sure yet what I will do.  But I know that my cell phone doesn't stay charge all day long so that would mean some possible missed photo opportunities if I'm not kept aware of the battery status.



Gary Frerking said...

Eh, you could always make a Fry's Electronics run when you get here. Plenty of more important things to worry about before you leave, I'm sure. :)

Melinda said...

I could! I actually dropped my little Kodak camera the second night two years ago and broke it. So I went to WalMart in Vegas to buy another one so I'd have a camera for the trip! lol.