Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prevail in Spite of Fear

Fear can hold us back from reaching goals or fully experiencing new opportunities.

From Jane Powell:

Accept your fear – there’s nothing shameful in it. Next time you shy away from a situation, stop and say to yourself, “I’m scared, but I’m still going to do it!”

I KNOW you can recall vividly your body shaking with fear while in a pressure match.  But when you calm down your adrenaline by breathing slow, deliberate breathes, and you realize you can still play well under pressure, then can see you were meant to be in that situation!

Pressure and fear only means it's an important match to you.  As Jane says, nothing is wrong with that! 

Jane adds:

As you acknowledge your feelings and keep going forward in spite of them, your self-worth and self-confidence will rise. The adrenaline from fear will change to the excitement of anticipation. Suddenly, you’ll realize the emotion you’re feeling has turned into sheer enthusiasm!**

What powerful reminders! 

One more tid bit I'd like to share about fear that I just read today. This is from someone who commented on the above Jane Powell column about fear:

"I once read a book that compared fear to an alarm clock – when we hear an alarm clock, we don’t get paralyzed, we do something — whenever I am afraid, it reminds me that fear is a call to action — turn it off, get up and get moving. I don’t make progress by hitting the snooze button."

I love learning, don't you?!  :)

**(excerpts are from Jane Powells' Daily Meditations for Women)

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