Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Talks Yet Bothering

Although a lot of good things happen for me to share from my Vegas trip, there is sometimes some unfortunate things that happen. This is a "reality blog," so I feel obligated to share the bad things, too, and not sugarcoat everything that happens in my pool journey.

On Sunday when many singles matches were still being played, I walked by the Grand Master tables and someone (Jeff J) stopped me to talk about my blog.  We met very briefly last year in Vegas (just introductions, really), but this year he specifically stopped me to share he was just telling his friend (Leo) about one of my blog entries, Asking Why.  I was surprised he was discussing that particular blog entry, as it was from my personal blog that I thought no one ever read, lol.  But, the topic I wrote about hit home with him personally.  Therefore, we had a lengthy discussion about personalities and friendships, and the tough choices we sometimes make in regards to how much we want certain people in our lives.  Do we put up with people that bring us down or make a tough decision to maybe take a hard step forward and decide we can no longer be friends with certain people?

The next morning, I find out that the pro who was playing a match near my conversation complained that it bothered him and he lost the match. My initial reaction was "he's a pro, he should have told me to be quiet" (since we are friends) OR, "Since he's a pro he should try and not not let it bother him."  Don't use ME as an excuse. 

I asked specifically if it was me and was told they heard my name.

Even tho I feel it was not my fault, I still felt badly, tho, as I don't like to bother anyone in their matches. Well, I don't like to bother anyone... anytime.

I told myself if I happened to run into this pro player, I will apologize. Sure enough, I happen to see him walking down one of the aisles the next day in the afternoon. I stopped him and told him I heard my converstion bothered him, and I apologized.

He looked me sincerely in the eyes and said I didn't bother him.

I tell him again, "I am sorry and I never would deliberately do that."  He reiterated again I didn't do anything and even added, "I never even mentioned your name to (his wife); you can ask her." I still said sorry one more time and we hugged and he went on his way.

I figured he just said I didn't bother him to be nice or because maybe he realized he shouldn't have let it bother him. Maybe he just vented after he lost?

But then later on the same day, I sought out Jeff J to tell him how I affected someones match, since we had just talked the previous day about relationships and effects people have on one another, ironically.

Jeff J said he thought it wasn't my talking that bothered the pro, but instead the other blonde with curly hair who was sitting behind his match. Jeff saw the pro look around a few times glaringly at the other blonde before I even arrived (she was sitting in a chair a little bit behind his seat). He thought it really was her, not me. And that would make sense why the pro said sincerely it wasn't me.

It was a roller coaster situation - nice talk with Jeff, but affected someones play, tried to apologize, but in the end, not sure it was me.

If I try to figure out what happened in my mind, I see this scenario:  The pro complained after the match about a blond with curly hair talking too much behind him while he played, someone remembered I was behind him, and that led to people hearing it was me.

Or, it really was me and he just didn't tell me.

Either way, it was not intentional whether it was me or my other friend with curly blonde hair.

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