Monday, May 2, 2011


I play good 8all, dangit.  I do!  But it's not showing.  Well, my shot selection and knowledge shows, but I'm still not getting out.  I'm missing shape or missing balls.  It's not my 8ball knowledge.

But where does that get me? 

Do I get a little star by my name on the brackets (*but she plays smart).


No, star. 

Saturday I deliberately played in an weekly 8ball tourney to help me get ready for BCAPL Nationals.  I did okay and played well, but I did not get very far in the tourney.  I missed some key shots that cost me the match.

Then on Sunday I played in a bigger 8ball tourney (again, for preparations for BCAPL Nationals) and I felt real good.  I was playing good, smart, felt confident, etc.  I missed a shot the first game, even tho I had the advantage safety-wise.  Second game I miss a safe.  I win a few games well (I really am playing good) but a tough miss on a questionable 8ball and another failed safety and I end up losing.

My next match is against a nobody.  I go up 2-0 right away but I scratch before the 8ball in one game, and he some how gets out the next two.  Even though I'm the better player and much more knowledgeable, I didn't win.

I realize the better player doesn't always win.

But I have high hopes for Vegas.  I am playing well enough to go further than I ever have.  But these two tournaments only make me discouraged to realize that one or two mistakes can cost an entire match in 8ball. 

The preparation (playing in these tourneys) should be a good thing, not a negative, right?

So, what can I do?  How can I learn from this good realization?

I want to keep the pressure on my opponents because the races are short and because I am human and make mistakes. Keeping pressure on them is what I can control.  I may not be able to control whitey all the time, but I will play a mean safe if I get out of line.  If I miss a shot, I will evaluate right away WHY.  Two things are usually the cause - thinking while down on the shot or jumping up (not looking at the object ball last).  I can control those two things.

Races to 3 and 4 are brutally short when errors keep creeping up in my game.  I see the outs, break out balls early, find my keyball before the 8ball, play smart, etc..  And I can safety play the best of ya'll.  BUT, I will miss shots and miss position too many times.  And it will cost me matches if I don't do something about that.

If I play my best, I will be happy.  Playing my best means at times I may miss, I may lose; but I gave it my all.  I didn't do that Sat and Sun (I just now realized while typing this blog entry).

No matter how well my 8ball knowledge is, I'm gonna need a few good rolls at Nationals to get by some players who are shot makers.

And I sure as hell am gonna make them work for their games!  I'm not handing anything over to anyone.  They gotta earn it!


Unknown said...

Just a suggestion: come up with a warmup "routine" to do prior to every shot. I've noticed doing the same thing over & over prior to a shot cuts down on errors dramatically.

poolminnow said...

I like the star idea! lol.

But there would need to be two stars, one for the smart players, and then one for the shooters. When the shooters lose to you they are saying "Yeah, but I shoot better than her!"

May you be both a smart player and a shooter in Vegas this year. Good luck!