Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking Back at 2010

Time to see how I did with my 2010 Goals!

I want to write more blog articles. I'd also like to make some of them shorter to keep you interested and from daydreaming, lol. -snip-
Conclusion:  I blogged more (yay!), but not necessarily kept them shorter (sorry). 

For me to play well, I have to practice. I will practice even if I don't officially "write it down" as a goal; practice is the key for success for me. But, it is a goal of mine to try and practice once a week (if physically feasible).
Conclusion:  I practiced often the first 6 months, then slacked off immensely on putting in practice time on the pool table.  Part of it was because my Mom was in the hospital in the Fall and Winter.  In the Summer - I had too many weekends out of town (and that's when I would normally practice)

I have learned that I should not set a goal to 'plan to attend all the events I want to go to' because situations may come up in my life that may prevent me from going. -snip-
Conclusion: So, just as the goal states, I tried to attend "as many as I could go to."  See why it's crucial to word goals carefully?  I see this goal as a BIG check mark!  I attended MANY tournaments through Sept!  In Oct - Dec I wasn't able to go due to Mom being in the hospital, but I am okay with that!

Men's Events:
I want to play in Open events this year. Put myself out there and play them. -snip-
Conclusion:  I played in quite a few Open events in the Spring!

One Pocket:
Continue playing one pocket. -snip-
Conclusion:  I didn't so well with this goal.  :(

Straight Pool:
I'm not into practicing straight pool right now but I know I want to still continue with my Straight Pool league so that I do indeed at least continue to play the game.
Conclusion:  I played in both the league seasons this year!  BIG check mark again.  :)

I want to watch at least one video a month. One pocket, straight pool, also some player reviews of 9ball. :) Accustats and youtube here I come!
Conclusion:  I kept up with this goal until Oct.  This was one of my TOP favorite goals for 2010 - I believe I'll steal it for 2011!

Stay Down:
I still want to focus on staying down! Take my time and follow through. This goal helped me immensely last year and I am therefore carrying it over to this year.
Conclusion:  Not sure how or what exactly happened, but I am staying down well more than EVER!  I honestly think it's because I watched a lot of good pool all year and focused on a smooth stroke.  But mostly because I focused on looking at the object last which forces me to stay down longer.

Overall:  VERY happy with how I did with my goals! 

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