Monday, December 13, 2010

Bathroom Talk

Is it just me, or do you all also always use the same stall?  I always go to the left if I have a choice, and for some reason pick the second one.  When I return to that bathroom throughout the day because I'm playing in a tourney, I use the same stall.  If it's being used, I get a little miffed.  Don't they know?

Do guys do this?  Do you use the same urinal?  Has this ever crossed your mind?  Am I the only OCD one here?

And the hand dryers.  Seriously - leave it going for just like 3 seconds more and then I wont have to turn it back on again and waste hot air after I use it for only a few more seconds.  It's kinda crucial for our hands to be completely dry for when we return to our tables and grab our cue to shoot, right?

And as a courtesy to your fellow non-smokers, don't smoke in the bathroom.  It's a SMALL room.  Give us a break, please.

And finally, if you don't wash your hands, we talk about it among our friends.  Yes, we do.  So, ladies, wash them or even pretend to wash them if fellow pool players are there in the bathroom with you at the same time.

And on a completely different note, but ending this bathroom-themed blog article in the bathroom:  Check out my fellow player and friend David Parker's visit to the bathroom with my video camera back in July in Austin at Fast Eddie's Billiards:


Johnny said...

There's a whole world of male-bathroom etiquette that no one ever talks about. Here's a good list:

Amanda Lampert said...

I am the same way!!! I always, ALWAYS, use the same restroom at tournaments! Funny thing is, it's usually available every single time! Go figure! :)