Saturday, December 4, 2010

Calcuttas Are Poo, Or Are They?

As a female pool player, I was never interested in calcuttas (i.e. Player Auctions). I guess because the money for calcuttas is mostly shoveled into the men's side of the tourneys. Larger attendance, bigger pots, better players = all equal to more money in the men's tourneys for the calcuttas.

So, calcuttas never served me. If I happen to be at a tourney with a women's calcutta, I don't even buy half myself (that doesn't make my buyer's too happy; sorry).

Calcuttas are illegal in Texas and while the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) doesn't normally care about calcuttas, a large Tour in Texas lost their ability to run calcuttas because a competing pool room "turned them in" to the TABC. Because the Tours' pool rooms could lose their liquor license from the TABC, the associated Tour had to stop running the calcuttas (even though they ran calcuttas for 7 years with no problems before that).

However, I naively didn't think this would hurt the Tour at all. I figured that it's the player's that make or break a tour, not a side bet auction thingamachigy.

Well, I was wrong.  After two years of the no-calcutta rule for this Tour, it's quite evident that calcuttas are very important for men's Tours. The Tour has lost a lot of participation because they are no longer allowed to have calcuttas. To the point where some events didn't even occur because the Tour didn't have enough players show up to even hold an event! And I am talking about a $1,000-added event, too. Wow.

While I admit two new home-grown tours in the area might be hurting the Tour I am referring to, it goes to show that those two new tours have calcuttas and are doing well while this established Tour struggles.

I will confide I am extremely surprised that calcuttas are that important to guys - us women don't usually have calcuttas associated with our events so I am very green behind the ears I guess.

Here are a couple of good comments from some male friends about calcuttas:

"Yea the auctions are what get the spectators in to spend the money and watch some pool in the establishments."

"I know the best tournaments in the south have auctions..If they didn't they would have no tournament..I know people that don't know much about pool but they do go to tournaments because they can participate without playin..I think it should be legal..but that's me.... "

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Benjamin said...

i dont no why you couldnt have one there you can put money on a pool table and its legal because it is a skill game i dont no why someone else cant put money on the table for you its just like a 2nd tournament with a bigger entry fee and payout pretty much