Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Domino Story!

Back in May, someone was posting on AZBilliards.com Forums telling us his wife had taken a bad fall, he was out of work, his A/C quit working (it was pretty hot this time of year), and he was therefore trying to sell his personal playing cue to raise some money for his tough times as he and his wife were in dire straits.  I donated some cash to him and his wife then several other AZB'ers stepped up and sent him money, including a fellow player from the Dallas/Fort Worth-area, Mike.  Although I've never met Mike (Fort Worth really is a big city, lol), we know each other through the pool community and through the AZB Forums.  I also did not know the gentleman who was on tough times.  Turns out he is Tony, who makes Russell Cues.  Tony didn't have any cues that were already finished that he could sell and he doesn't "rush cues ever" (which is the sign of a good cuemaker). 

Long story short, Mike ended up placing an order with Tony in June and after several discussions of designs, Mike received his FIRST-EVER custom designed cue in early September!

Mike was striving for a "very simple, clean design that lets the beauty of the wood grain be the focal point."  He added that he is extremely happy with the "entire experience and product I received from Tony Russell and will do business with him in the future."

I love domino stories like this!  

Here is a pick of Mike's custom Russell Cue:

(Click to enlarge)

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