Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stop My 5-0

I was at league two weeks ago. I hadn't been in some time because teammate Ashley was trying to get her weeks in before November and I then would cover her weeks in November/December.

It had been so long since I played league, I walked in without my cues. I thought, "What am I forgetting? I feel a little naked." lol.

As the night progressed against the team we were beating, I noticed I had won each of my matches so far and was sitting at 4-0 and was on the cusp of having a 5-0 night!

As I racked my last rack, the team was gathering across from the table, figuring out who was up next. My opponent, a big bulky guy, evidently saw my stats for the night and said out loud to his teammates, "I'm gonna stop her 5-0 right now."

I look up from my racking abilities, and one of the teammates saw me look over at them and he figured out I had heard my opponent. I admit I had an evil grin on my face - kinda of a "go ahead and try it" look with an added smile.  Oooh - a challenge! 

I break, make a ball, and run out to the 8 ball but miss. Eeek! So close! He stammers to the table, eyes the layout, table wide open, shoots and misses his first shot!

Wow, really? How is that stopping my 5-0? I make my 8ball and we shake hands as he walks toward his team kinda embarrassed and deflated as I walk toward mine all happy and giddy. :)

Welcome back to league!

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