Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PoolSynergy Volume 14 - Recommendations

Admittedly, I struggled with the topic for my first PoolSynergy hosting job, but decided maybe a list of recommendations by the PS writers might be fun and/or interesting.  With the Holidays close by, maybe this month's topic may help you pick out a gift for your fav pool playing friend/relative or YOURSELF!  The goal was to recommend their favorite book and video/dvd.  Let's see what they like/recommend:

p00lriah: The first writer to send in his recommendations to your host this month (me), thank you p00l!  Mr. Riah recommends two books because he didn't have a fav video.  BUT, he offers where to find them and in what format (nice touch, p00riah). The first book is an all-time favorite among pool players. The second recommendation is not even related to pool! (i love that!) Check out his selections.

Mike Feiman:  Guest Writer for this month (maybe he will become a regular?!) through the newly wed Samm Vidal Claramunt (formally known-as Samm Diep).  Mike is the smart Marketing Director for PoolDawg.  As you can imagine, Mike gets to review just about every pool book and dvd out there but he was able to find a favorite DVD to recommend.  Read why his choice was easy! 

Charles Eames:  One of my favorite fellow posters over at, Charles shares his favorite DVD with us.  Sound easy?  Not at all.  Charles shares, "with a collection of well over 150-200 pool matches on dvd was like choosing which child I love more."

Pool Cues News and Review Guy:  PCNRGuy doesn't have a favorite instructional DVD so instead he shares why he likes this certain autobiography.  You will be surprised who he chooses.

Michael Reddick: Michael shares three recommendations:  Two books and a match on DVD.  After reading his article, I think I know what I want for Christmas!  His write-up truly inspires me to go to the book store asap.

Jake Dyer:  The famous R.A Dyer offers not just one, but recommends 4 books!  (at least he admits he can't follow the rules, lol.) Click here to find out if all his recommendations are history-related billiard books or does he have some other recommendations up his knowledgeable sleeve?

Mark Finkelstein and Alison Fischer: Two of's contributors have joined together this month to offer their favs!  Mark is a billiards instructor & columnist for and Alison is the editor of that great website. Curious to read what an instructor would recommend to help your game?  Then also find out what this Kiss of Death team member (Alison, not Mark (smile)) recommends from her arsenal.  Read the combined article here.

John Barton:  Of the famed JB Cases, John recommends two goodies for you to fill your stocking with.  You will be surprised what he reccomends for his book selection and then he surprises us even more with a DVD recommendation he hasn't even seen yet!  Check out his blog here.

Gary Frerking:  Another great contributor to PoolSynergy, Gary recommends a "pleasant" instructional book and a DVD by one of the greats for you to improve your game.  I can't wait to check the DVD out he recommends - I haven't seen this one yet!  Check out Gary's article.

John Biddle: Founding Father of Poolsynergy offers books from "what seems like" his favorite author.  Or, maybe this author has so many good instructional books, it easily comes across that way.  :)  I happen to love this author too, so I am glad John recommends these books.

Gail Glazebrook: G Squared (your 2010 BCAPL Women's Open Champ) tells us with words and photos (nice touch, Gail!) what her favorite book is, which is really a game.  What?  What does that mean?  You'll have to read her blog to find out what I am talking about. :)

Mike Fiedlhammer:  Mr. BillardCoach tells what he doesn't recommend (you'll get a kick out of why he says this).  But then recommends his favorite book of all time.  :)  What could it be?  Is it pool-related?  A novel?  An instructional-book?  Read here to find out!

Melinda (Me) (akaTrigger):  I knew right away which DVD I was gonna recommend.  The book - ooooh, a toughy.  I have so many favorites. I almost decided to recommend a book in every pool genre (8ball, mental, 9ball, one pocket, etc). lol. Instead, I picked my most recent fav book that was recommended to me by the lovely and talented Liz Ford.  Check out what I recommend by clicking this blue link here.


Mike Feiman said...

This was fun. Thanks for letting me take part in it! I've been wanting to read that Winning Ugly book ever since I finished Andre Agassi's autobiography. Will have to add it to the Kindle soon.

Unknown said...

Great job, Melinda, on hosting PoolSynergy. The topic was a winner.

I've made a not to look up Winning Ugly at the bookstore tomorrow. One of my other favorites, The inner Game of Tennis, deals with the same sport as examples, but the truths transcend the game, as in your book.

I haven't seen the Hall/Matthews video you love but will have to try to find it. You make it so appealing.

Hope the Christmas/Hanukkah holidays find you and yours happy & healthy.

Melinda said...

Thank you Mike and John for the comments! John - I read the Inner Game of Tennis many years ago and I swear my game went DOWN not up. If it helps others, then that is good, but it actually hurt me, which I can say no other book has done. :(

Glad you both liked the reviews!

Happy Holidays to All!