Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfect ESPN Magazine

ESPN Magazine contacted me in mid September about Perfection Stats.  They were dedicating a whole magazine about perfection stats in sports and they wanted some info about pool. 

They said, "We are compiling data for an issue that deals with perfection in sports. Would you have a source we can use or data you can provide that comprises anything that could be considered “perfection" in any pool and billiards competition? We can use consecutive victories, shutouts, perfect scores, unbeaten streaks in a season or career, etc., throughout all levels of competition."

I immediately went to my sources (the fine folks at Forums) to ask for their help!  I received numerous suggestions on what they considered "perfect" records in pool. 

I then compiled some of the details from the responses and sent them to my contact at ESPN Magazine. 

I crossed my fingers.

Would they use anything for billiards in their magazine?

Would we get even a tad amount of exposure?

Which would they pick?  Johnny's break and run of 13?  Jean Balukas' 16 wins in a row?  A straight pool run?  (Mosconi's 526 run or the numerous 150-and out in tourneys?)  Earls' run of 11 racks for a million?


Then their online version came out.

No Billiards!


Ugh.  I was afraid of that.  I took all the blame.

I didn't write up enough details. 

I didn't give them a good enough perfect stat.  It wasn't perfect.  :(

They still sent me a copy of the magazine and as I flipped through the pages reading about Tiger Woods and some NASCAR guy,  Michael Jordan and archery (archery!) I found myself sick to my stomach until I ran across page 84.  Billiards.  Next to NFL, Soccer and Surfing! 

We were there!  I didn't see it at first because it wasn't in alphabetical order.  Archery, Bowling, Golf, NASCAR... NFL then Billiards!

We made it! 

OMG, Billiards got a little bit of exposure!  Yeah, Baby!

What did they write about?

Well, click the image below to enlarge and Read All About It!


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Anonymous said...

That's cool! And it's straight pool too, which is great. Nice job.