Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nostril Trick

Read in Prevention magazine a 2-Minute Memory Trick!

** Constantly forget where you parked?  Breathing through your left nostril may help, say Indian researchers.  Adults ages 20-45 who practiced this yoga technique had a 16% boost in spatial memory, which is key for navigating complex parking lots or garages.  Experts beleive there's a link between the nostril you breathe through and the parts of the brain that control memory.

Gently press your right thumb against your right nostril.  Inhale and exhale through your left nostril 27 times.  Repeat up to 4 times a day.  

Can't remember how to shoot that bank or remember the diamond system?  Can't remember how to play the best safe on that shot?  Can you imagine if you saw someone pressing on their right nostril to close it to help them remember something at the pool table?  If you see me doing this, DON'T LAUGH!  I sometimes need all the help I can get!  ;)

( ** reprinted without the permission from Prevention magazine - eeek! )

1 comment:

Gary Frerking said...

"Oh wow, Johnny completely buried Efren with that hook..."

"Yes, an amazing safety... let's see how The Magician kicks his way out of this one... I think he's going to have to go at least five rails..."

"OK, Efren's assessing the situation, slowly shaking his head as he paces around the table"

"He's asked for his extension"

"Wait a minute, what's he doing now?

"He appears to be holding his right nostril and breathing deeply... WTF?"