Monday, April 19, 2010

Temple LoneStar Tourney

I decided to attend Kim White's LoneStar Tour because a stop was finally only a couple hours away at The Green Room in Temple, Texas. I drove up Saturday afternoon after I got Mom situated (she recently broke her foot) and met up with friends at the pool room for a nice, quiet, friendly evening. I went to bed at a decent hour (first time not having reserved a room ahead of time but found a good place near the Scott/White hospital). But, I woke up too early. Would prove to hurt me later on Sunday. I went to The Green Room when they opened at 10am so I could take pics of the inside because I am going to build them a website. I then went back to the hotel to rest and eat until checkout.

I hit some balls with the gloves I tested out when I arrived back at the pool room around noon or so as I waited for the Player's Meeting to start.

Kim runs a great players meeting and tourney and even gave us the option to race to 7 on the winner's side - and of course we all said yes! Bar table 9 ball deserves a race to 7. BTW, The Green Room has ten beautiful Diamond 7 Foot Tables!

Yvette, Cristina, Me, and Rebecca

I defeated the good player Kim Sanders 7-2 first and was surprised of the score - she plays really good, but I was playing well and staying down well. Kim would go on to place 4th! (that tells you how good she plays). I then won 7-3 against Kim Nguyen and then played Kim Pierce. I was already nervous before I played her - knowing she had a big win under her belt just two weekends back on the Fast Eddie's Tour and she also just played in her first Pro event, which she attributed to helping her win the FE Tour. She outplayed me well and I lost 7-3 or 7-2.

I then won a couple of matches on the one-loss side but then had a really long wait to play Michelle Ram - which was not good for my tired mind. Michelle played good safes, I was missing shots, missing kicks, and getting frustrated along with being super tired. I lost 5-3 or 5-3. I placed 5th and earned $40, but... eh.

Racing to 7 on the winner's side was nice, but with 10 tables to share with the men and in addition to 25 girls in the women's event, it made for a long one-day tournament.

I needed the break super badly though, but the exhaustion is really getting to me. Affecting my mental toughness and my fundamentals. It's becoming very frustrating.

But, this tournament was good for me to play in because I would be playing on the same type of tables in a week or so at the BCAPL Texas State 8Ball tourney - so it was a nice warm-up!

Tourney description: Eh.

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