Sunday, April 4, 2010

BCA Texas State 8 Ball Tourney Coming Up

My checklist is getting complete for the BCAPL Texas State 8-Ball Championship, and I've added some things to the list. See below for the update.

As I get ready to go to this tournament, a lot of things are on my mind. I know how badly I would love to win this tournament. I have yearned for it. I know that title tournaments are tough for me to mentally win (notice I said "mentally"). However, I also recognize I haven't been playing well as of late. I played super good at the OB Ladies Stop at Casper's March 6-7. I haven't played that good in a long time, actually - but after that, I haven't really played so well. :( Lost 2 out of 3 straight pool matches since then, didn't play too well at a tournament in Temple and then in another in Lewisville. I know what it is, too - I am just not taking my time when I'm down on my shots, like I did at the Casper's tournament.

Additionally, I completely recognize I have froze during one match at each of my last two OB Ladies tournaments. Froze from nerves and embarrassment; I am very aware this could occur this week at the State tourney as I strive to victory.

However, let me also share some things that ARE going well:

I have been reading a new book called "Winning Ugly" and it's the first book in a long time I can't wait to keep reading! It is very tough for me to keep reading past the first 1/8 of any book, so this tells you how interested I am in this particular book: because I'm already half way through and can't wait to get home to read more. :)

I also watched John Schmidt's Straight Pool videos of his run of 245 that he comments after his run AND finally also watched his 164 run that he commented AS he runs the racks. Straight pool and 8 Ball are very similar so I am hoping those will help me. I am actually pretty proud of myself for watching those DVDs - I can be lazy sometimes. But, since one of my goals this year is to watch one video a month, I am being successful at many things at once (fulfilling goals, not being lazy, learning from the vids, etc.).

Another key for me for success at tournaments is to get sleep. I don't just mean during the tournament, but also BEFORE I go. I will try my darnedest to go to sleep early the first few days of the week before I head down there Wed night or Thur morning. I already lost a lot of sleep last week and this weekend was no help, lol. But, If I can get good nights in the next few days, I should be good.

As you may have noticed, I like to make goals for my tournaments. Well, the book I am reading talks about having "plans" for a tournament. Well, my plan for this tournament is to try and really focus on taking my time while I'm down on my shots. That is what helped me play so well at Casper's. Additionally, the author of the book impresses that the key about plans, though, is to continually remember and implement your plan. So, that is really my goal for this tournament.

I also want to have fun. Enjoy the tournament and its surroundings, and also spend time with friends. I need a distraction from the home front, even though I will be worried and thinking about my Mom the whole time I am gone. Here is Mom's bright blue new cast:

Now, let's see how this checklist is doing:

  • Room Reservation made - check
  • Singles entry fee mailed in before late fee deadline - Check!
  • Getting excited - Check!
  • Team name decided on - WTH - Check! (yes, that's our team name, "WTH")
  • Team shirts bought - Check!
  • Team entry sent in - Captain did that - Check!
  • Practice 8 ball with Jose Zaragosa - I didn't do that this time. :(
  • Reviewing Play Your Best 8 Ball - I haven't done this either. :(
  • Review my notes that I prepared in the past for 8ball tourneys - need to find it in my papers, still!
  • Watched Straight Pool DVDs - Check!
  • Reading a mental/strategy book - Check!
  • Get sleep - hope to!

The tournament will again be at at the Harker Heights convention center, which is located near Killeen, Texas. It's a little over 2 hours from my house so I am glad for that!

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