Thursday, April 29, 2010

April One Pocket

Well, I'm slacking. :( One of my goals for 2010 to play one pocket at least once a month is about to be a big fat FAIL. Eeek. However, I decided to mix TWO goals into one and I think I might have saved the day! Yay. :)

One of my other goals is to watch a DVD once a month, and even though I already accomplished it this month (April) when I watched the phenomenal John Schmidt DVD How I Run 100's (read my review here), I decided earlier this week since I had yet to play one pocket this month, I will at least watch a DVD of a one pocket match.

So, last night I grabbed my personal copy of the Pool Hall Master Movie and proceeded to watch for the first time the One Pocket match that is added as a second DVD when you buy the movie.

Two talented and professional one pocket players race to 8 for a few thousand and the match is commentated BY them. It was awesome to get inside their head and hear WHY they shot what. Many times, the reason for shooting a certain shot is 3-fold! That's why I love one pocket so much - challenging and creative!

The players also talked some about pressure - which was interesting to hear that they are very aware of their opponents scratches, ball count, who broke, etc. They recognize when to add more pressure in the game and/or match. I always wondered if pro players were aware of situations like this and they do indeed sometimes turn up the heat during certain times or played a certain way because of ball counts and emotions of the other player.

Even though I technically didn't PLAY one pocket, at least it got absorbed into my brain last night with this awesome match. :)

BTW, I strongly feel that player reviews are the BEST matches to watch on dvd!

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