Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Goals

Hmmm... about time to make my goals for 2010. I have been thinking of them more than usual for some reason. Here I go.....

I want to write more blog articles. I'd also like to make some of them shorter to keep you interested and from daydreaming, lol. I know when I describe my tournaments I get very long winded (that wont change [Sorry!]). But for other things, I could definitely shorten them. I also want to write more about non-tournaments. Hmm....maybe even open up more and offer some insights, crazy opinions, or vent (watch out!). Finally, I want to interview more peeps - I've always wanted to do that but couldn't find the time.

For me to play well, I have to practice. I will practice even if I don't officially "write it down" as a goal; practice is the key for success for me. But, it is a goal of mine to try and practice once a week (if physically feasible).

I have learned that I should not set a goal to 'plan to attend all the events I want to go to' because situations may come up in my life that may prevent me from going. I am okay with that, just thought I'd state it in case you were wondering why I am not listing that as a goal again this year. But, I will obviously continue to try and attend as many of the tournaments I can go to. After all, that's the whole point of competing!

Men's Events:
I want to play in Open events this year. Put myself out there and play them. This year, I want to play in each of these events at least one time: Ray's Waco tourney, one of Zach's north Texas tourney's, Doc's ten ball tournament, the weekly Clicks tournament in Dallas, and Fast Eddie's Open event. I also want to try and play in a few weekly tournaments around the Fort Worth area.

One Pocket:
Continue playing one pocket. I truly love the game and did not play it enough last year at all. I plan to change that this year. I will set a goal to play one pocket at least once a month. When, where and with who and for how long I do not know yet. But playing at least once a month would be fabulous. I would like to play even more than once a month, but not sure if I can finagle that. I should start keeping tabs on how often I play one pocket - that would be interesting!

Straight Pool:
I'm not into practicing straight pool right now but I know I want to still continue with my Straight Pool league so that I do indeed at least continue to play the game.

I want to watch at least one video a month. One pocket, straight pool, also some player reviews of 9ball. :) Accustats and youtube here I come!

Stay Down:
I still want to focus on staying down! Take my time and follow through. Be the ball, be the ball, lol. This goal helped me immensely last year and I am therefore carrying it over to this year.


Johnny said...

I pass a large portion of my boring days at work on youtube, livestream and any other video site watching matches/tournaments/live cams/etc. You were at the Mosconi Cup, iirc, but all of the matches have been uploaded by "snookeram" on youtube if you want to watch any of them again.

I, too, have a tendency to get a little long-winded when I'm talking about something that excites me. I would expect that any of your readers who share that passion won't wander off in the middle of a story or recap.

Anonymous said...

daydreaming is probably why we read blogs & surf the web in the first place. kidding!! we really like your blog! honest!