Saturday, January 2, 2010

Start of the New Year

I had the day off from work on New Years Day (Friday) and decided to start the new year off by practicing. After visiting Mom in the hospital in the morning, I got to Rusty's Billiards promptly at 11am - right when the glorious doors opened. The trick is to get there right when they open - getting there an hour or two afterwards leads to WATCHING others play instead, lol. I played ten ball by myself for 3 hours! I always love it when I play more than an hour. I got frustrated at times but overall I practiced well I suppose. I had a lot on my mind, but knew I needed to take advantage of having the day off... and also being in town.

Many, many regulars came in about 1pm or so and eventually all the other 9foot tables were taken with either one-pocket or 9ball match-ups. I could feel I still had the itch to play, even after playing 3 hours by myself. I wanted to play some one pocket so I snuck over to a friend to ask him to play a few games with me. I wanted to play someone else, but he recently got a new girlfriend and so that makes it tough for us to play anymore. I learned so much from him and enjoyed playing him, too, so I admit I was a little sad we haven't been able to get together. But, his new girlfriend makes him happy, so that is super cool.

I played that one pocket match, best two out of three getting 10-5 and lost 1-2. Then played a different guy same race, same spot and won 2-1. The second guy stuck me in stack more and that was great! I love learning!

Then I went back to the hospital to visit Mom. At home later that night, I played some online poker. I had a really bad night after that, but in reality, the day could have been described as Pool, Poker, Pain, just like that new Pool, Poker, Pain reality show coming up (though I doubt my crappy day would ever make it to a reality show, lol).

I realized while I played this day that my left arm is still giving me problems. Add to that, my left knee is also bothering me. They both hurt like a b1tch all day, and the pain lingered after I got home that night. But, I guess that's another part of the "Pain." lol.

How did you start the new year? Welcome 2010.

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Anonymous said...

i see tylenol & icy hot in ur future.