Friday, January 22, 2010

Goals This Weekend

So, the first OB stop is this weekend. I want to write down my goals so that they become instilled in me.

I don't feel numb going into the tournament - that is not good. Numb means I have no expectations, I just go in and play pool.

I admit I'd like to do well, so let's solve any qualms I might have by setting some goals to help me out. As we all know - expectations on outcomes can hinder our performance.

1. I want to stay down WELL. The practice has been paying off; I need to remember that. FEEL how awesome it feels to stay down. Additionally, I need to TRUST the knowledge I have about my fundamentals.

2. I want to take my time. When I don't two-stroke the ball, I am more successful in staying down AND making the shot at hand.

3. I want to have FUN staying down! It truly is a awe feeling to experience the smooth stroke and staying down on the shots.

4. The last goal I have is to recognize ASAP (i.e. right after I miss a shot) that I need to go back to taking my time, staying down, SMOOTH stoke, and looking at the object ball last.

Even if I run into a fast shooter and/or a better shooter, I want to only focus on ME.

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