Monday, January 11, 2010

Glass is Half Full - Forfeit

Here's another edition of: The Glass is Half Full.

As a reminder: I have come across a few enlightening moments in pool that have been "a-ha" moments for me - and they have helped remind me that I am looking pessimistic at things. I love realizing that I could have looked at a situation in a positive way. Therefore, I decided to start a section in my blog about this: "The Glass is Half Full"

At the White Diamonds tournament this past weekend in Lafayette, Louisiana (a heck of a large bar table tournament with lots of big action), a guy named TJ bought himself during the Calcutta. While this may not seem unusual, what is unusual is he went for $900! As you can imagine, a lot of people commented about this on the live stream (and I'm sure in person, too!) that he bought himself for so much money. The calcutta money ranged from $1,700 to $50, so $900 wasn't completely out of line, but because he kept bidding on himself and then finally 'got' himself for so much money was kinda unusual. I know TJ and have seen him do this at other tournaments, but those calcuttas were a quarter of this amount, lol.

On Saturday night, TJ was still on the winner's side and checked out when he played. Unfortunately, he looked at the chart wrong and thought he played at 8am on Sunday. Turns out, he had a match around 2am Saturday night, not 8am. Eeeek! He was to play the defending champion Jeremy Jones at that time and TJ was at the hotel so Jeremy got the win by forfeit. You can imagine his surprise Sunday morning!

Jeremy was commentating a match on the BigTruck live stream on Sunday afternoon/evening and someone from the chat asked Jeremy about that forfeit. Jeremy stated that he felt bad for TJ - they have known each other a long time. When he spoke to TJ Sunday morning, that's when Jeremy found out he misread the match time.

On the stream, someone pointed out that what sucked even more for TJ was he bought himself for so much money and had to forfeit. [Here comes the half empty/half full] Jeremy replies, "well, in hindsight it's good he bought himself tho. No one else bought him in the calcutta. I mean, I feel bad for him; no one feels worse than he does. But, at least there's not TWO of them that feel really, really bad."

Ahh.... good point. I love half full's. :)

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