Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tulsa One Pocket Tourney - Here we Come!

Well, keeping with one of my over arching personal goals, I decided to take super advantage and attend the $12,000-added One Pocket Tournament in Tulsa, OK at Magoo's Billiards the first weekend in February of this year. While you might think this is a no-brainer - Duh! Watch the tourney, it's only about 5 hours from ya, silly! However, the kicker is - I am going to Vegas that same weekend to celebrate my Birthday (in style). So, I debated if I should really go to Tulsa - I mean after all, with the live stream from BigTruck, I could watch it online for two full days until I go to Vegas. But after Ashley told me one night a couple of weeks ago that she would love to go to the tournament also, I gave it some major thought and then exclaimed to her via email, "Let's do it!"

Me and Ashley
So, I asked off for work (half of Thursday to be there in time for the Players Auction that night and then all day Friday); made the hotel reservation; and now I am all excited! I told my internet partner, Mike Howerton at that I will be taking pics of the event for the website. I also spoke to Gabe Owen - the main promoter of the tournament- and told him I would be there to take pics. Since I am his webmaster, I will also be able to add pics of him to It will be a very multi-tasking, awesome, trip. But more importantly, I can't wait to watch phenomenal one pocket from the top players in the country compete for the awesome prize fund!
Flyer and Entry Form
I hope to also get to commentate on the BigTruck stream. Come say hi to me, Ray, and Ash starting Thursday night! (Feb 4th). I'll be in Vegas on Sunday - the final day of the tourney - so may not be able to get to check out the progress of the players on the stream - but knowing me, I bet I will log in before and after the SuperBowl to see what is happ'nin.

Here are the Specs:

$200 entry ($210 paypal)

Limited to 128 Players
Race to 4 Both Sides
Finals - One Race to 5

$12,000 guaranteed added

Feb 4-7, 2010
Magoo's Billiards
Tulsa, OK

Streamed live by BigTruck at

Check out the flyer and additional info by going to Gabe's website.

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