Friday, January 22, 2010

Derby Starts Today!

Even though I have my own tournament this weekend (OB Cues Ladies Tour) and will be out of town for work Monday through Wed night, I pan to follow the Derby City Classic more than usual this year.

I checked out the Derby website last night and it's chalk full of great things online!

Event schedule - for such a big event, this is awesome info.

Current Matches - can't wait to see this webpage when the matches start this afternoon.

Completed Matched - this will help update me at the end of the day since I will be busy the next five days.

I hope some day to go to Derby. Maybe I can try for it next year!?

There will also be streaming going on. TAR (The Action Report) will be streaming action. Accu-Stats will be streaming the matches of the tournaments.

I can't wait!!!!

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